Pug – The Charming and Lovable Toy Dog

A fawn-colored Pug

Dog lovers couldn’t resist the charms of toy dogs. Toy dogs are known to have charming characteristics that are sure to attract dog owners. Such breeds are equipped with a positive nature; they are eager to please their owners and would make sure to stay adorable all the time. Many toy breeds … Read more

Lhasa Apso – The Smart and Small Tibetan Dog

Lhasa Apso

A small breed packed with robust features, the Lhasa Apso is a breed that incredibly powerful and highly intelligent. Sturdiness may not be apparent from the Lhasa Apso, mainly because of its small body. At first glance, this breed appears to be a toy dog, which has its resemblance to the Shih … Read more

Japanese Chin – The Adorable and Noble Toy Dog

Japanese Chin

In addition to the great list of Japanese breeds, there is one known for its irresistible charm and regal lifestyle: the Japanese Chin. Many people may have already heard of the elegant Japanese Chin; it is a small toy dog that pretty much resembles the appearance of a ‘Shih Tzu.’ This adorable … Read more

Chinese Crested –The Elegant Toy Dog

Chinese Crested standing on grass

With the diversity of dog appearances globally, it becomes more accessible to distinguish each breed’s difference. One breed that is known for its unique appearance is the Chinese Crested. The Chinese Crested is a toy dog, widely known for its hair variation. This breed has two types, which mainly vary on its … Read more

Bolognese – The Playful Companion


Playful, easy-going, and lovable – who would resist the incredible charm of this fluffy dog? The animal kingdom is home for a variety of dog breeds, including large mastiffs, as well as small Shih Tzus. Among the numerous breeds found on the planet, some dogs hold the record as being charming and … Read more