Miniature Bull Terrier – The Comical and Fearless Dog

Miniature Bull Terrier

A dog known for its positive and mischievous nature: the Miniature Bull Terrier is a breed that would surely ring a bell to many dog lovers. If you’re a fan of Bull Terrier, this breed is undoubtedly something you would definitely admire. It pretty much looks like the Bull Terrier; however, it … Read more

Manchester Terrier (Standard) – The Versatile Hunting Dog

Manchester Terrier

Many countries have witnessed the incredible work of hunting dogs in the field throughout the years.They have been a significant part of many people’s lives, especially during the early times, wherein they helped people in order to survive. It may already be a common sight to humans nowadays; dogs truly are man’s … Read more

Manchester Terrier (Toy) – The Miniature Ratter

Manchester Terrier

If you’re a fan of hunting, and at the same time, in love with small dogs, the toy variety of the Manchester Terrier would be an ideal breed for you. Many people are amazed at the incredible qualities of this breed; it may be small, but it sure proves its capabilities in … Read more

Lagotto Romagnolo – The Truffle Dog of Italy

Lagotto Romagnolo

With the diversity of dog breeds all around the globe, we can see dogs of different appearance, behavior, and expertise. Modern breeds have distinct features that give them a unique characteristic. One of the factors that are easily recognizable in a dog is its coat; some coats are long, some are short, … Read more

Kuvasz – The Fearless and Majestic Royal Guard


The significance of dogs in royal families has been a part of various cultures all around the globe. Nobles use dogs in different indoor and outdoor activities, such as sports, hunting, and so on. One of the most known jobs of royal dogs is to work as a guardian. For years, dogs … Read more

Kishu Ken – The Faithful Japanese Dog

Kishu Ken

It is relatively easy to identify a Japanese dog from other breeds; it is simply because Japanese breeds are often known for their faithful and dignified nature. This description best fits the Kishu Ken. A native dog of Japan: the Kishu Ken is a genuinely admirable breed, mainly because of its faithful … Read more

Kerry Blue Terrier –The Blue-Coated Irish Show Dog

Kerry Blue Terrier

A breed is known for its unique blue coat: the Kerry Blue Terrier dominates the show ring because of its mesmerizing fur and keen intelligence. It may be a common feature for dogs to have hair covering their body; these coats of hair vary in appearance, wherein some are smooth, fine, curly, … Read more

Keeshond – The Foxy Dutch Hound


It is interesting how dogs vary in appearance. Some dogs are known for their distinctive features, such as size, coat, color, as well as skillset on the field. These characteristics present in dogs are what we usually find attractive. One breed that is known for its unique appearance is the Keeshond. This … Read more

Karelian Bear Dog – The Loyal and Independent Hunting Dog

Karelian Bear Dog

Massive, loyal, and independent: these are only some of the interesting qualities that you can find on the Karelian Bear Dog. This breed is known for its powerful body; despite its medium-size figure, it is incredibly sturdy and agile. Just by looking at this breed is a clear definition of an excellent … Read more

Jindo – The Intelligent Korean Dog


Dogs of various origins are common in our modern world; some dogs originated in  Western countries, while there are some that came from the far east. Most of us may already be aware that many dogs originated in China and Japan, which includes the ever-popular Shih Tzu, Japanese Chin, Chow Chow, and … Read more