Dutch Shepherd –The Intelligent Herder

Dutch Shepherd

Athletic and intelligent: who wouldn’t love the Dutch Shepherd? Many farmers and dog breeders admire this breed because of its fascinating features. It is known for its high intelligence and athleticism; it is an excellent dog to own at the farm, and at the same time, it makes a remarkable family companion. … Read more

Dogue de Bordeaux–The Courageous Mastiff

Dogue de Bordeaux

Many breeds originated in France, each having distinct characteristics that make them unique. Some dogs are small, while others are massive, which are capable of various tasks. One breed known for its relatively large size is the Dogue de Bordeaux. Apparent from its name, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a French breed … Read more

Drentsche Patrijshond–The Intelligent Farm Dog


Nothing best describes the DrentschePatrijshond than an intelligent farm dog. It is an old breed, roughly four hundred years old; it was popularized by its incredible farming skills ever since hundreds of years ago. With this said, we can say that this dog dominated the field for a long time, which is … Read more

Chinese Shar-Pei – The Sand-Skinned Guard Dog

Chinese Shar-Pei – The Sand-Skinned Guard Dog

Chinese Shar-Pei showcasing its distinct features If you are looking for a guard dog with an intimidating appearance, the Chinese Shar-Pei is a breed you might want to consider. Its look is something that you won’t see every day. This breed has a muscular physique that defines power and agility. One distinct … Read more

Central Asian Shepherd Dog – The Courageous Working Dog

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Dogs are often known to be territorial in nature, and one breed that indeed proves this point is the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. This breed is large and muscular, making it a useful guard dog. Besides its protective instinct, this dog excels in many other activities. The stunning appearance of the Central … Read more

Bullmastiff – The Loyal Guard Dog


Bullmastiff Bulldogs and Mastiffs are both very fascinating breeds. These breeds are known for their large and powerful bodies, which is typical for working dogs. Crossing these two breeds would surely result in an incredible dog called the Bullmastiff. The Bullmastiff is a dog with a clear distinction. Just by its name, … Read more

Broholmer–The Friendly Watch dog


Dogs make an excellent companion at home. They can be a friend and a guardian at the same time. They vary in size, appearance, and nature, which gives them distinct characteristics, allowing them to excel in some fields. With this said, it is evident that some dogs are highly skilled in sports, … Read more

Boerboel – The Confident Guardian


If you are looking for the perfect house pet and guardian, then this dog breed would surely fit the role. It is no other than the Boerboel. They are a large breed of dogs with a muscular physique. However, don’t be deceived by its intimidating looks since it is devoted to protecting … Read more