Top Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Close Up Focus Shot of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Just to be clear with this, there are no maintenance-free dogs you’ll ever find out there. Dogs are live pets that need attention, care, and love. Certain dog breeds can be considered low-maintenance and only require minimal activity or attention from their owners. Suppose your schedule is loaded with tons of work … Read more

Italian Greyhound –The Elegant Toy Dog

Italian Greyhound

Greyhounds are known for their grace and striking appearance, especially on the field. Their large and substantial bodies are fit for most types of canine tasks, such as hunting, sports, guarding, and so on. Interestingly there is a different version of the Greyhound that pretty much resembles its incredible features; this breed … Read more

Greyhound –The Independent and Noble Hound


For years, dogs have always been a part of our society. It is interesting how these creatures paved their way for thousands of years, developing more breeds in the process. One of the oldest breed on the list is the Greyhound, which is known to have existed for thousands of years. The … Read more

Cirneco dell’Etna – The Agile Sighthound


Cirnecodell’Etna Dogs are known to be incredible workers ever since thousands of years ago. Some dogs work with their great scent of smell, and such dogs are called scenthounds; on the other hand, some dogs work best with their sight, and apparently, they are called sighthounds. Among the notable sighthounds is the … Read more