English Toy Spaniel – The Adorable Spaniel

English Toy Spaniel

Talk about adorable dogs; the English Toy Spaniel is a breed that is definitely on the list. Sweet and friendly are common traits of dogs, and the EST is one of the breeds that perfectly defines these qualities. It is known for its relatively small size, along with an elegant coat. However, … Read more

Clumber Spaniel Dog –The Large and Powerful Hunter

Clumber Spaniel

There are many hunting dogs in existence today, and each of them possesses distinct qualities that make them suitable for the job. Some hunting dogs are small and aggressive, while others are medium-built with a sleek and agile body. However, there are hunting dogs that are incredibly large, wherein their looks showcase … Read more

Bullmastiff – The Loyal Guard Dog


Bullmastiff Bulldogs and Mastiffs are both very fascinating breeds. These breeds are known for their large and powerful bodies, which is typical for working dogs. Crossing these two breeds would surely result in an incredible dog called the Bullmastiff. The Bullmastiff is a dog with a clear distinction. Just by its name, … Read more

Bulldog – The Courageous and Calm Dog


Bulldog The Bulldog is among the most popular dogs around the world. Its popularity is not surprising since this dog has a lot of features that could catch the interest of many dog lovers. Most of us probably know the Bulldog because of its iconic ‘sourmug’ face, which gives a vital distinction … Read more