Pug – The Charming and Lovable Toy Dog

A fawn-colored Pug

Dog lovers couldn’t resist the charms of toy dogs. Toy dogs are known to have charming characteristics that are sure to attract dog owners. Such breeds are equipped with a positive nature; they are eager to please their owners and would make sure to stay adorable all the time. Many toy breeds … Read more

Portuguese Pointer – The Smart Portuguese Hunter

A Portuguese Pointer

An excellent hunting dog always makes sure to get the job done. Being able to track and capture its target is its primary mission; it usually works by the side of its master. The use of hunting dogs became widespread over the years, wherein people used them for survival. Because of this, … Read more

Parson Russell Terrier – The Athletic English Hunter

A Parson Russell Terrier

Are you a fan of terriers? These energetic and swift dogs are just what dog lovers are looking for to work with them in the field. Terriers are known to be talented hunters that could also work in various types of canine tasks; they are competent, reliable, and versatile, making them the … Read more

Otterhound – The Amiable Hunter


Are you a fan of thick-coated and athletic dogs as a pet? If yes, one dog would surely attract any enthusiast; it is no other than the Otterhound. The Otterhound is a muscular breed that originated hundreds of years ago. Just by looking at it, this dog is evidently a credible working … Read more

Norfolk Terrier – The Small and Fearless Working Dogs

Norfolk Terrier

Small dogs are adorable. Combined with an affectionate nature and beautiful appearance, it is no doubt that many people are attracted to these little creatures. Because of their charming characteristics, many people call them “lapdogs,” which are dogs that fit perfectly on their owners’ lap. These lapdogs attract dog enthusiasts, mostly women, … Read more

Newfoundland – The Devoted Working Dog

A black-coated Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a significantly powerful breed that originated from Canada. Despite its relatively large size, the Newfie is known for its adorable appearance and affectionate nature. There is no other way to best define the Newfie; it is sweet and hard-working dog that is eager to please its owners. The Newfie … Read more

Mastiff – The Courageous and Dignified Guardian Dog

English Mastiff

When it comes to choosing dogs, credibility is one factor any dog lover would need to consider. Interestingly, there are a lot of dogs that have built credibility in certain fields. Some dogs excel in herding; some are known to be a skillful hunter; others are dominate the field as a guardian, … Read more

Manchester Terrier (Standard) – The Versatile Hunting Dog

Manchester Terrier

Many countries have witnessed the incredible work of hunting dogs in the field throughout the years.They have been a significant part of many people’s lives, especially during the early times, wherein they helped people in order to survive. It may already be a common sight to humans nowadays; dogs truly are man’s … Read more

Manchester Terrier (Toy) – The Miniature Ratter

Manchester Terrier

If you’re a fan of hunting, and at the same time, in love with small dogs, the toy variety of the Manchester Terrier would be an ideal breed for you. Many people are amazed at the incredible qualities of this breed; it may be small, but it sure proves its capabilities in … Read more

English Springer Spaniel – The Obedient Sport Dog

English Springer Spaniel

Another breed in the group of sport dogs made its entry as one of the most popular. The English Springer Spaniel, a well-known sport dog, dominates the field as part of the most significant breeds in existence today. One reason why this dog holds an outstanding record is due to its combination … Read more