Steps to Overcoming Loneliness

Social media has contributed in no small measure to the problem of loneliness among people all over the world today. Though you might boast of numerous followers on your social media; it cannot replace real relationships with people. The digital means of interaction have made it possible for people to have virtual friends but they cannot replace actual people and hence the rise in cases of loneliness among us today.

Relationships; family members and friends have been disconnected from several people who are now busy with online fraternity which is not strong enough to combat loneliness. Maintaining and sustaining real relationships is tough for people because it involves some element of being patient with each other; sacrifice and this can only be achieved if the individual is blessed with the fruits of the spirit.

Now, come to think about these two extremes: Dozens of posts daily or an expression of love, care, and kindness to people around us? The former brings a better sense of fulfillment and satisfaction as against the former. This will provide the antidote needed to overcome loneliness.

UK essay writers prepared these measures that can be taken to effectively checkmate loneliness during each day of the week.


The schedule of work will keep getting higher with each improvement on the existing technology around us. People are busy online today checking and replying to text messages and emails that come in their numbers every hour of the day. In worst scenarios among married couples, when a partner is trying to get attention; the other is too busy with online stuff! Watching TV with the family is not practically possible because we are busy online.

Association with our friends that mattered is practically out of the equation because we are too busy with online stuff. All the above will lead to loneliness and the best way to overcoming the issue is to create time for the family and our friends and acquaintances. They are the people that you need to overcome the issues bothering on loneliness.

A Call

If you are to get the groove of your life, then you need a break from the tight schedules on the work/business front. The workload will keep on pilling and there is nothing you can do to stop the traffic and hence the need for you to take a break from the schedule of work if you want to kill burden.

Giving a simple call to your friend and hearing the voice from the other end will go a long way to add spice to your day and clear away the cloud of loneliness that might be hanging over you. Making out time to call your friend and family members regularly will help a long way to keep you happy and free from the burden of loneliness. When a mother, for instance, gives a call to her child; the voice of the mother in the ears of the child produces hormones that bring about positive reactions.

Studies are in support of the fact that a simple phone call can lift your spirit as well as that of the person hearing your voice at the other end.


We shall be closing with the power in text messages. A simple and short text message can do the magic that is needed to cast away loneliness. A simple message such as: ‘I love you’ will go all the way to work the magic. It can also be a simple Emoji or a Bible verse. It shows that you truly care and love them and the power in such messages will drive away loneliness.

When you receive a response to your text; be sure to acknowledge such because it will be needed to complete the circle. If you a family man; try to text your kids every day and you will marvel at the magic you are going to get.

Final Take

Interacting physically with your loved ones through the means mentioned above will go all the way to keep loneliness far away from you.