Golden Wolf Products Less-Mess Pet Bowl – Dripless, Anti-Gulping, Spill-Proof, No Skid – Water or Food + Great for dogs, puppy, cats, and small or large breeds – Portable for Travel – Keep Water Fresh


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Are you sick and tired of following your dog around with a towel after your dog drinks from their bowl because they leave water all over your home?

Golden Wolf Products Less-Mess Pet Bowl reduces slobber and drool by over 85%! No matter if you have dogs or cats, large or small breeds, our Less-Mess Pet Bowl is for any of your furry family members!

Our bowl is multi-functional for all of your needs; you can use it as a dripless water bowl, a food bowl, or a traditional water bowl. Our bowl features:

  • A specialized floating disk that prevents your pet from drinking too quickly, which in return, reduces their chance of vomiting (anti-gulping)
  • A no skid bottom so your pet won't push it around or knock it over while in use. The no skid bottom and the floating disk work together to keep water in the bowl, not on your floors, to reduce spills
  • Simple to use; No lids, seals, or plugs; easy to assemble and also great for travel • Keeps water fresh by keeping dust, dirt, and insects out of the water
  • Easy to clean; best to hand wash with warm water only

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Our Less Mess Pet Bowl is backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with a 1 year free replacement warranty. You'll never want to be without the Less Mess Pet Bowl. 

Don't delay, buy today. Our attractive packaging makes our bowl an ideal gift. Treat the pet in your life! Click on the Add to Cart button and get your Less Mess Pet Bowl today!

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