Dog Nail Grinder, Vinsic Electric Nail Trimming Clipper with 1.5V AA Battery Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits, Birds, and other Household Pets of All Sizes


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Vinsic Electric Dog Nail Grinder with 1.5V AA Battery for Household Pets

Each time you would take pets to the groomer, which always costs $15 or even more, right? When you use the loud grinder, does your lovely pet just stand there, shake and scare out of its mind while giving you the saddest eyes? Go for one Vinsic electric nail trimming clipper, then the motor on this grinder is so QUIET, and it doesn't jump around in your hand, so if you have a dog that is noise sensitive they won't be bothered too much. This pet nail grinder is so much more affordable.

How to Use?
1. According to the size and characteristics of pets' nails, choose the suitable nail manicure hole for your pet.
2. Hold the grinder with one of your hands, put its nail close to the nail manicure hole gently with the other hand, and then begin to grind.
3. Take down the plastic cover of the grinder in an anticlockwise direction, then open the grinder and gently clean the surface with paper or cloth to remove the nail powder.

Package contents:
1* Pet nail grinder (1.5V AA Battery ×2 included)
1* User manual

- It is recommended that you shoulld trim the long or sharp fingernails of the pets firstly if it is the first time to use, but not too much so that avoid bleeding.
- For pets' safety, the duration should be 5 seconds at most, and you are supposed to timely adjust the polishing angle.
- Please do not clean the grinding head with water, alcohol and other liquids.
- Don't wear your nails with it, because the power is too strong for human nails.

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