Retired Army Dogs for Adoption: Take Home a National Hero

Army dogs are the brave hearts that spend a significant part of their lives in serving the nation. Military, Paramilitary, as well as Police Dogs in India are extensively trained in different tasks ranging from routine patrolling to detection of explosives. These trained dogs can easily follow verbal as well as non-verbal commands. They are physically fit and are quite sensible.

Adopting a Retired Army Dog

The army dogs are given retirement as they attain the age of 8 or 9 years. This is major because, at this age, most of the army dogs lose the ability to perform the required tasks with the same efficiency as before, or in some cases even due to reasons related to health. In such cases, the army dogs are shifted to old age homes, specifically meant for army dogs. In India, such centers are located in Hempur, Uttarakhand, and Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Because of the huge number of dogs in these shelters, every dog might not receive the same amount of love and care that it deserves. This problem can be solved by putting up these army dogs for adoption into loving families. Adopting an army dog may make a civilian nervous, however, it is important to know that the adoptable army dogs need to pass a behavioral test. This test ensures that the army dogs are suitable for adoption by civilians.

However, before adopting an army dog, one should keep in mind that these dogs have received military training and thus their requirements in a home are different from regular dogs. These dogs need exercise, diet, and training that is different from regular pet dogs.

How to Adopt an Army Dog

An army dog forms an intense and strong bond with its handler in the line of duty. Therefore, their handlers are mostly the first choice as adopters after the army dogs retire. In most of the cases, the army dogs for adoption go on to live a carefree life as a family pet with their army partners.

In most cases, civilians can adopt a retired army dog only when the handler of the dog passes away or is unable to care for the dog anymore. In some cases, the dogs who “failed” out of army dog training and never performed any active service for the army may be available for adoption. In both these cases, law enforcement officers are the first choice as adopters in comparison to the general public or civilians.

Why One Should Consider Adopting a Former Army Dog

Adopting an army dog who has retired from service is an impactful way to offer a happy ending to the army dog. These dogs have worked hard to serve and protect the nation and the people around them. Just like their handlers, an army dog might have faced high-stress situations as well as life-threatening dangers. Adopting a retired army dog allows you to provide it with love and care in its final years.


Thus, in case you are looking for army dogs for adoption, be assured that you are doing great work in providing a new life as well as a forever home to these four-legged heroes. Send your application to the Remount and Veterinary Corps Centre at Meerut, as this is where around 400 retired army dogs stay. You would be allowed to take one of these heroes’ home if you pass the screening process at the center.

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