Dog Care

Preventing violence against animals

Explained during his lecture how alternative methods of experimentation are not less scientific because they do not experiment in animals, on the contrary because their results can be reproducible with testable results and that do not imply any harm against other living beings.



From criminology, there has been a link between animal abuses. Interpersonal maltreatment as there are works such as those of Robert K. Ressler founder of the FBI behavioral science unit on the history of animal abuse of Serial killers or Dr. Frank Ascione’s studies on domestic violence and the link between violence against women minors the elderly and animal abuse.

This information demands that government actions be implemented to address this problem. In addition, urges us to act in our personal environment, since protection and respect with animals can be improved in our day-to-day activities, from the products we buy the Clothing we wear, the kind of show we attended, we must be proactive in protecting animals Nuria recommends. Finally, it was possible to get the labeling of cosmetics as Cruelty Free and in later years with the approval of the Regulation on Cosmetic Products.

Lastly, Dr. Nuria talked about how 77% of the women who showed up at their primary health care center commented that they had received some kind of mistreatment or death of a companion animal at home, causing great suffering. Needing urgent shelters in which they could enter with their pets. dogHence, the need for social workers to maintain communication with the authorities that protect the animals because where there is a report of animal abuse the abuse of another vulnerable member of the family is in latency.