Portuguese Water Dog – The Adventurous Working Dog

From the name itself, the Portuguese Water Dog is a breed that definitely loves water. Because of its fondness for water, the breed became a favorite of fishermen. Many fishers admire the Portuguese Water Dog because of its effectiveness in the water, offering incredible help to the workers. The breed’s excellent characteristics are bred for work and not just any type of work; it is mainly bred to excel in working in the waters.

You can quickly identify from the breed’s appearance that it is capable of working in the water. It has a medium-sized body with a broad chest and athletic physique. A thick coat covers its body, which acts as a shield against the harmful elements in the environment. An all-around working-dog: the Portuguese Water Dog is a famous breed that has been fishermen’s favorite. The breed’s greatness adds to the list of great Portugal dogs, wherein it has built a solid reputation as an angler’s helper.

Other than helping fishers, the Portuguese Water Dog possesses excellent qualities that make it suitable for different types of canine tasks. It is a versatile dog that makes an ideal companion. If you are looking for a substantial dog capable of accompanying you with water activities, the Portuguese Water Dog is suitable for the job.

Origins of the Portuguese Water Dog

Ever since the early existence of the  Portuguese Water Dog, it has been associated with living near the coast of Portugal. It already earned a reputation as a water dog, helping fishers in herding fish into nets. Furthermore, the breed also worked as a messenger between ships and shore.

These features captured the attention of fishermen; they saw the dog’s substantial body and hard-working nature. Because of this, the breed gained further recognition as a water dog and earned a solid reputation as a working canine. Sea travelers would often bring this dog to help them in various work on the ship, as well as the freezing waters off the coast.

Over the years, the Portuguese Water Dog remained to be a significant dog not just in Portugal but also in other countries. Despite the several changes in society and advancements in technology, people still use the breed to perform various water jobs, such as water rescues. Today, the Portuguese Water Dog has maintained a healthy population and gained popularity around the globe.

Characteristics of the Portuguese Water Dog

Height: 17 – 23 inches

Weight: 35 – 60 pounds

Life Expectancy: 11 – 13 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Portuguese Water Dog is a breed that is easy to identify. You could quickly notice the breed by its unique and beautiful coat that usually comes in black and sometimes with white patterns. Its coat is thick and curly, covering its whole body, including the eyes. What makes it more interesting is its grooming style: the retriever clip, wherein the entire coat is trimmed to one inch in length, leaving the tail tip untrimmed; the check-me-out lion clip showcases a unique look where the coat in the hindquarters down to the feet is trimmed to skin.

Besides a lovable coat, the Portuguese Water Dog also flaunts an athletic body. Its medium-sized body could stand up to roughly twenty-three inches tall and weighs up to sixty pounds. Underneath the thick coat is a muscular body that allows the breed to work efficiently in the water.

Speaking of work, the Portuguese Water Dog is best known for its exceptional job in the water. A credible water dog – this breed gained recognition, mainly from fishermen, because it dramatically helps in various water jobs. Its athletic body and adventurous nature allow the breed to swim effortlessly. Despite the freezing temperatures in the water, the breed’s thick coat serves as a defense against the cold. Its water expertise does not only help fishers; it is also known for being suitable in various types of water activities.

Moreover, many dog lovers find the Portuguese Water Dog because of its affectionate nature. Besides working as a fisherman’s helper, the Portuguese Water Dog also makes an excellent companion. Its sweet and friendly behavior works well, even with kids. If you are looking for an athletic dog that could also be a family pet, the Portuguese Water Dog is a breed you should consider having.