Types, Symptoms, and Treatment of Mange in Dogs

Types, Symptoms, and Treatment of Mange in Dogs

Mange is a nasty disease caused by infestation of several species of mites on your dog’s skin. These mites can make your dogs’ hair fall out and their skin red and extremely itchy.  It’s actually normal to find a few mites on the skin and hair of pet dogs, and they are … Read more

Watching Your Puppy Has A Neurological Effect

dog activates

Japanese scientist and researcher have made a very interesting research conclusion that is taking the advertising industry by storm. The research was conducted in several parts all suggesting that watching a cute puppy can enhance one’s maternal instinct, improve focus, improve mindfulness and activate love hormones. Watching your dog activates your parental … Read more

How to Eliminate the Smell of Dog Urine Naturally?

When taking care of a puppy or an untrained dog, you may have to frequently clean up your home as you may encounter them leaving a pool of urine in random areas of the home. Not only is it icky, but it also leaves behind an unpleasant odor that you have to … Read more

How to Cure Stomach Pain in a Dog

Stomach Pain in a Dog

It is difficult to know when our dog is feeling bad unless there is a clear symptom like blood in his stool or elsewhere, vomiting, diarrhea, dog stomach pain, or cough. The truth is that our pets also suffer from pain, such as stomach pain. So if you see that your dog is eating less, has lost his appetite, or has spent the day lying down without playing as an active dog, you may have some illness or discomfort. If you notice any symptoms or your dog has eaten some unwanted object. It is recommended that you take him to the vet.

The stomach pain of dogs is not very different from that of people and may be due to several causes, although in dogs it is not very common. Recognizing this ailment in a dog can be very difficult since, if the symptoms are not very evident, we may not realize it. Some of the symptoms that your dog may have if his stomach hurts are:

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How to care for your dog

A lot of care with the Dogs

Keeping a dog as a pet is an amazing experience. But like human beings, pets also require a lot of caring. And also just like us they don’t come with an instruction manual. Worry not, Puppyplace has got you covered.   Be a vigilant dog-parent It is important to keep a check … Read more

Reasons to Put a Microchip in Dogs and Cats

Reasons to Put a Microchip in Dogs and Cats

The joy of bringing a pet home and making it a part of our lives is overwhelming. These little furry creatures become such an important part of our lives that soon, we cannot imagine a day without them. Those priceless cuddles, those loving eyes, and the joy they feel to see you … Read more

Do Dogs Really Know What We Think?

Do Dogs Really Know What We Think?

Dog owners who spend moments with their furry friends may have felt that their dogs understand them, feels them, and knows just when they needed a companion. Many dog lovers say, “I wish I could know what my dog thinks and understand what he barks about.” But do we really know what … Read more

How Does Dog Washing Machine Work?

Good hygiene is as important for pets as it is for people. No one likes to tolerate a smelly and dirty dog. Plus, it is vital for dogs to have healthy skin and coat to avoid animal diseases. To protect your pet’s health, regular baths using pet-friendly products would be necessary. However, … Read more

7 tips for coping with the death of your pet

For a lot of people, a pet dog is not just a dog. It’s a special member of the family that brings fun, loyalty, and companionship to our lives. You may have spent years with a dog and it has become a part of your everyday life, cheering you up, and bringing … Read more