Norwegian Buhund – The Confident Nordic Herding Dog

It is interesting how dogs became popular herding companions over the years. They helped farmers not just in herding flocks, but also in various types of canine tasks. The greatness of herding dogs was already present many years ago, and each of them is equipped with unique characteristics that is sure to capture the attention of dog lovers.

One example of a significant herding dog is the Norwegian Buhund. From the name itself, this dog’s ancestry is apparent, wherein it was associated with the Vikings. The Buhund proves to be an interesting dog, mainly because of its spitz-type appearance and strong characteristics. It is a hard-working breed that is substantial when it comes to the field. Herding is its primary skill; however, this breed is also known for its expertise in other tasks, including hunting and guarding. A true versatile dog, the Norwegian Buhund showcases not just its elegant appearance, but also its unmatched talent.

If you are looking for a sturdy breed capable of working in the field, the Norwegian Buhund is indeed an outstanding choice. In this article, we are going to look into the exciting origins and characteristics of this breed.

Origins of the Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund does not have many records in the history of dogdom. Despite the breed’s greatness, its origins are unclear compared to others. However, some people believe that the breed once sailed the vast oceans, along with the Vikings thousands of years ago. They were the Vikings trusted companion, wherein they helped them in various raids across the continent.

However, despite the breed’s early employment with the Vikings, the Buhund was not known as a fierce and heartless dog. In contrast to its initial job with the Vikings, the Buhund was an affectionate and friendly breed that is very eager to please its master. With this said, it explains why this dog was once a credible looter along with the Vikings; they were amazed by the breed’s working capabilities and positive nature.

Interestingly, the breed’s name was derived from the Norwegian word “bu,” which means “homestead.” Its name proved to be relevant over the years, wherein its employment with the Vikings came to an end. It was then employed to a different job, which also fits perfect for its skills. The Norwegian Buhund became a herder on homesteads, helping farmers in herding flocks. Furthermore, the breed was able to adapt to other tasks on the farm; they served as a guardian, cattle-driver, and many others.

The versatility of the Norwegian Buhund earned its reputation as a hard-working dog. It helped farmers over the years and was a significant dog in various farmlands. Besides working in the field, the Buhund also gained popularity as a family companion.

Characteristics of the Norwegian Buhund

Height: 16 – 18.5 inches

Weight: 26 – 40 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As the previous companion of the Vikings, the Norwegian Buhund seems to be a little short in height. It is a medium-sized breed that could stand up to more than eighteen inches tall and weighs up to forty pounds. The size of the breed proves to be just a number, since this dog showcases its incredible expertise in the field.

The Buhund is a spitz-type dog, and as expected from its Nordic ancestry, this dog has features that allows it to adapt in the extremely cold temperatures of the region. It has a dense coat with a tail curved over the back; its head, including its ears pretty much showcases its spitz characteristics.

In terms of the breeds skillset, the Norwegian Buhund is known to work in various fields. Because of its diverse expertise, it is no doubt it could dominate different types of jobs, especially in the farm. As mentioned earlier, the Norwegian Buhund is a known herder, guardian, cattle-driver, and many more. Its ability to excel in these jobs earned it a reputation as a versatile breed.

Moreover, the Norwegian Buhund is also popular not just because of its substantial body; it is also recognized for its confident and lovable nature. The Buhund is always eager to please its master, making it easily trainable. It is also highly intelligent, which also contributes to its excellent work in the field. Overall, the Norwegian Buhund is a great combination of power, skills, and good behavior, making it a genuinely admirable breed.