New Dog Owner? 4 Things To Consider When Buying Dog Food

Are you in the process of getting a dog? Is it the first dog you have ever owned? If so, you are more than likely excited and nervous about what lies ahead. Introducing a dog into your life requires several changes to your lifestyle to accommodate the new addition.

Decisions have to be made about what areas of your home you do not want the dog in, where they will sleep, who will walk them, and how often will they need to go to the groomers. These are all decisions that need to be made before your new canine friend arrives.

Another factor to consider is the food they will eat. Ensuring that you choose the right dog food for your new canine friend is essential in maintaining their diet.

If you are preparing for the arrival of your first dog, here are a few things to consider when stocking up on their food.

Consider Their Age

Whether you are welcoming home a puppy or a senior dog, their age will influence what food you should purchase. Dogs require different types of food depending on their age. The nutritional needs and metabolism of a puppy are different to that of a senior dog; as such, the foods they eat will differ.

Older dogs should be eating fewer calories and protein compared to a puppy. Have a look at the labels of the dog food before purchasing. Ensure that the product you are buying has the most appropriate nutrition for your canine friend’s age.

Search Online For Products

You do not have to purchase dog food from supermarkets or pet stores exclusively. Take a look at what brands are available online. You will find a greater selection of dog food options, such as Encore, which stocks an excellent selection of dog food products.

You will also likely find more offers and deals available on dog food by taking your search online. Owning a dog can be a costly investment, and being able to save money is an advantage worth taking.

Choose Between Wet And Dry

If you only buy dog food in a physical store or order online, you will have to decide whether to buy wet or dry food. Some dogs prefer dry food to wet food, and others like wet food and not dry food. However, dry foods can help to improve your dog’s dental hygiene as it kills the bacteria that linger in their mouth. Wet food is an excellent source of hydration. The decision you make should be based on what food type your dog prefers and also the recommendations made by your vet.

Dog’s Dietary Requirements

Some dogs will have specific dietary requirements which need to be kept in mind when buying dog food. Understanding diet and nutrition for dogs is the best way to help ensure that you keep your dog happy and healthy.

If you suspect that your dog might be intolerant to an ingredient, it is worth booking an appointment with the vet. They may find that your dog does not have any allergies, or they might discover there is an ingredient they have an intolerance to. It is best to check with your vet to give you peace of mind and keep your dog healthy.

As you prepare to welcome your new canine friend home, consider these points when the time comes to buy their dog food.