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What You Need to Know About Dog Bite Injuries

In most states, it is illegal for a dog to roam about without a leash, but somehow they get out anyway. Dog bite injuries are very common for both adults and children and can lead to psychological and physical harm. It some cases, dog attacks can even result in death. It is important to take precautions whenever you’re outdoors to prevent being attacked by a loose canine. Although each state has different laws regarding dog attacks, most place the liability on the owner of the animal. For instance, if an unprovoked dog attacks a person in a public place, the owner will be found at fault.

Then there are some states that offer a “free bite rule”, which means a dog can bite someone once, but the second time it happens, the law will intervene. Other states don’t allow this rule to take place, so even if a dog has never bitten anyone before the incident, the law will take effect. There are multiple ways a dog can injure someone without actually biting him or her. A dog can cause injury with their claws or push someone over.

If a dog ever bites you or a loved one, you should immediately try to identify it. Try to see if there is a tag on the dog or if you have ever seen the dog’s owner in the neighborhood. It is important that you seek medical help right away – even if it is a small bite. You should inform the hospital about the attack and undergo testing for rabies right away – that way you can receive proper vaccinations. If the dog owner was present at the time of attack, do not argue with him or her about the incident. An unnecessary altercation could take place, causing you to potentially be charged with assault.

It is important that you not sign any documents or make any recorded statements – a lot of the time this will try to be done by the dog’s owner or insurance company. Their goal is to divert liability from being placed on them. If possible have a lawyer present with your or just walk away. If there is any report that you should give, it’s to the police. Afterward, you should consider setting up a consultation with a lawyer. An attorney can help you to obtain the compensation you need for financial losses as well as pain and suffering. Although some insurance companies are willing to pay you, you should consult with a lawyer before accepting payment. The settlement you are really owed could be worth much more. The lawyer will help to negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get a rightful outcome.

Whenever you are outdoors, there are some simple measures you can take to avoid being bitten or attacked by a canine. First off, you should never approach a dog and if you know the owner of a dog, ask permission before petting the animal. It is also wise to allow the dog to sniff you, so that they can get to know you first.

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