Names for Original and Beautiful Dogs

Choosing beautiful dogs name is a complicated task because you will spend years using it on a daily basis. It is normal that you have doubts and try to search the Internet for references and ideas to give the appropriate name to your dog. Sometimes it just needs to know your new pet to give it its new name but sometimes this decision becomes something more complex. The name of your dog will accompany you forever and that is why if you dedicate some time to this search and you add some creativity you can get original and beautiful dogs names.

 Why we should give our dog an original name

The dog is a domestic mammal of the family of “Canids” that has lived with the human being for a minimum of 9,000 years. There are more than 800 breeds of all sizes, temperaments and qualities and practically all of them can take on all kinds of functions: company, guard, police, hunting, guide. Dogs give us infinite advantages.

It is a very intelligent species that assumes different mental tasks, from communication to learning orders through the ability to solve problems, all of which can be developed through your master or by observation of other dogs. There are smarter breeds than others but we will always keep in mind that all dogs understand feel and have physical and mental needs. For these reasons, we must know that it is important that our dog receive an original name that distinguishes it from all other dogs. He will identify with the name we choose and respond to it.

Some tips you should know before:

We will use words of between two and three syllables. We will not use an excessively short name, as it may confuse it with other words that you use in a habitual way. We will not name you with words similar to the ones we are going to use to give orders sit take come. You should not have a name similar to that of another pet or household member. The chosen name should not vary doing that creates confusion in our pet.

Original names for dogs according to their characteristics

There are unique dogs that have unique or distinctive attributes we can use these special brands to give your dog an exclusive name. There are princely dogs it seems, come from royalty. The Valkiria were female divinities of the ancient Vikings carrying the great warriors to Valhalla heaven or paradise. Following with the mythology of then we find two great and powerful gods like Odin and Thor.

Some dogs look like whirlwinds when they walk, run and play for them we can use Katrina Wilma or Igor large and devastating tornadoes. We can also take inspiration from Adonis Beauty Pretty Linda to name the mascot you consider the most beautiful in the world: yours. There are talking dogs or singing for them Sinatra Madonna Jackson or Elvis seem very appropriate motes.