Pet Diseases

The 7 most dangerous diseases that your pet may suffer

Although want to take care of how responsible your furry, unfortunately, like people, perhaps ill at some stage in their life. I hope that never happens. Anyway, you should be aware. That’s why we have data on some of the most dangerous diseases that can affect pets.

Meet the most dangerous diseases plaguing hairy

Pets sometimes have signs that do not feel good. But on other occasions, these signs are not entirely clear. Or, when they appear, the disease is already well advanced.

It is therefore recommended that, in addition worming and vaccinating your pet according to the timetable laid down, take her to the vet regularly to assess their health status.

pet dangerous diseases

1-Lyme Disease

Also known as borreliosis, this disease is caused by bacteria. It is transmitted by Ixodes ticks. In dogs it is associated with various health problems. Among them.

  • Arthritis
    Deformation of joints

If the Canine Borreliosis is diagnosed quickly and was admini stran the animal the right antibiotics, you can get to overcome. For cats, the disease rarely occurs. But if not treated early, it is usually fatal.

2-renal disease

Although common in elderly pussycats, kidney disease manifests also in dogs and cats of various ages . Its origin can be congenital or may be triggered at some point in the life of the animal for several reasons.

In some cases, the disease develops more slowly, giving possibility to some kind of treatment that gives quality of life. But, sometimes, the deterioration of the animal’s health is fast and notorious . It is detected with an analysis of blood annually.


Filariasis, better known as heartworm disease, is characterized by the installation and reproduction of roundworms (heartworm) in the right ventricle and the pulmonary blood vessels and furry.

This parasitic disease, which in cats is less common, can lead to death of pets if not treated in time .


Among the most dangerous diseases that can have the dogs, no doubt distemper is . This virus particularly affects puppies that have not yet been vaccinated, but also adult dogs who were never immunized.

Distemper has a high mortality rate. But the animals that survive often have different problems all his life as a result of having had this virus. For example:

  • Seizures
    Footpads toughened


Present in both cats and dogs, parvovirus is highly lethal if not diagnosed in time.

In dogs, the virus affects the digestive system, but also other vital areas related to the circulatory system. For cats, the disease directly attacks the white blood cells, mainly damaging cells of the bone marrow and the intestinal wall.

6. Feline infectious peritonitis

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a serious and complex disease that sooner or later, cause the death of the Pussycats affected. It is caused by a coronavirus mutates and affects about 1 percent of infected cats Feline Enteric Coronavirus.

Although it occurs most often in colonies or in shelters and kennels, cats can have it all. But in particular, to complain to the animals between 6 and 24 months and older than 10 years .


This acute viral infection that attacks the nervous system, and has no cure once symptoms begin to develop, can have it all mammals, including humans.

And although despite vaccination campaigns was virtually eradicated rabies in many countries, in others it remains a serious health problem. But although the vaccine allowed significantly reduces cases in pets, the virus is still present in animal populations wild.

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