Looking after your pet; 4 tips for pet care in the winter

The winters are not only uncomfortable for humans, but for our pets as well. When the snow starts to fall and the temperature drops, everything changes. You can not keep the same routine that you used to keep in the spring or summer for your pet. Your pets are also extremely affected by the cold weather, so it is important to take certain steps in order to ensure that they are okay in the winter. This will take some preparation and thought but will be a great thing for your pet. We have curated a list of tips and tricks to help you care for your pet this winter.

Daily calories need to be adjusted for the winter

All dogs have different nutritional requirements. This mostly depends on their size, weight, age, and activity during the day. Their activities will change quite drastically in the winter, which is why their daily nutritional intake needs to be adjusted. If your dog is more active during the winter season, you will need to increase its calorie intake since the cold tends to burn more energy. If your dog gets lazy during the winters, they might need fewer calories than they usually do.

They feel cold too

Even though your pets have fur that helps protect them from wind and cold, when temperatures dip below zero, they can get sick. It is important to keep your pets warm and cozy so that they do not get frostbite when they go out for a walk or to play. You can even get dog boots in order to protect their paws, and sweaters for dogs so that their body stays well protected. Your pets are actually quite prone to getting sick if their paws stay wet after their walk. Make sure that you take them for daily walks during daylight hours and to keep these walks short.

Remove off-leash time during winters

You might let your dog go off the leash and explore around during the summer or springtime, but this should definitely not be done during the winter season. They might run off to an almost frozen body of water, where falls through the ice are quite common. There is a lot that can go wrong which is why you should keep them close during the cold weather. They might encounter other problems such as slipping or getting lost in the snow.

Do not bathe them regularly

Humans have the advantage of using moisturizers in order to keep their skin fresh and healthy. Sadly, our pets do not have the same luxury. Baths can dry up a dog’s skin as much as they can dry up human skin. It is important to increase the intervals between their baths so that they do not experience discomfort from dry skin. You can think of getting a dry shampoo for your dog in order to help you cut down on bathing them regularly.

It is important to understand that your caring methods and techniques will change according to the season. Use this list to help you take good care of your pet during the winter season.