Lingerie leather for women as part of the female image

Luxury lingerie leather is the main attribute of every fashionista’s wardrobe. Every woman loves to express herself – for one it happens through make-up, for another through a fashionable and unusual hairstyle, others dye their hair in an unusual color, but still, others find themselves in an individual style of clothing or lingerie. It is precisely experimenting in underwear that is the most interesting thing that can be. Recently, extravagant women have chosen a new piece of decoration in their attire – harnesses.

This is a very sexy accessory that can be simple and very sophisticated and can transform an ordinary outfit into a real seductive masterpiece.
Today, woman leather lingerie has been turned into an ultra-fashionable and stylish accessory that is appropriate both for hot dates and for combining with a strict white shirt.

The harness has many interpretations – it can be simply beautifully intertwined leather straps, or a waist belt decorated with rhinestones. The belts can be made of different leather thicknesses and be connected to each other using different metal rings or daring rivets.
The most popular leather lingerie models are made in classic black, but if you wish, you can find an option in your favorite color. It should be noted that the extravagant item in different bright colors adds a new fresh mood and interesting sensations.

How to wear the best womens leather lingerie harness?

Leather lingerie harnesses can be worn in two versions – underclothes and overclothes since underclothes, a harness belt turns into a sexy accessory, and overclothes it is an option for the red carpet and high fashion. The conclusion – wear as you feel comfortable. If you see a harness as part of an erotic image, wear it only as an element of underwear.

It is extremely important to know how to wear women’s harness lingerie correctly, so as not to turn sexuality into vulgarity. The classic version is with a military-style jacket and coat, which can be complemented by a wide, rigid belt with a large buckle, plus high boots with high or low wide heels.

A thin or wide harness will become a highlight in a strict classic combination of a black bottom and a white top. This could be a pencil skirt or high-rise pants. But, nevertheless, it is not advisable to go to the office in this form. This combination is more suitable for a bright and strict appearance, at a party or in a club.

It is important to know that in such a combination, all the buttons of a shirt or blouse should be buttoned up, and it is better to collect the hair in an even ponytail or comb it in a masculine manner if it is short.

For everyday style, a harness is also suitable. It can be worn on a shirt dress, T-shirt, or turtleneck, combined with ripped jeans or long skirts. The harness can be used as a belt over a chunky knit cardigan or sweater.

The best combination of lingerie leather for women with dresses. The contrasting combination of brutal leather belts and traditionally feminine dress strikes a balance between sexuality and aggression. Dresses should be selected simple, concise, using basic colors – black, white, green, dark blue. Also, a good combination of a harness with dresses with a collar under the throat and cuffs on the sleeves. A floor-length evening dress with an open back and worn over a harness looks good. A plain, non-fitted sundress looks great, leaving open arms, shoulders, and back, worn with a belt and sandals at a low speed.
Try not to combine the harness with other accessories. The harness is self-sufficient, so you should not wear beads, bracelets, or large earrings.
The harness has various color variations. For a sharp look, wear a black harness. Choose brown or white for a romantic and soft look. It is best to choose the color of the shoes according to the color of the accessory.

If you want to look particularly smart and attractive, do not be afraid to experiment with leather accessories. has a huge variety of products to suit everyone’s taste.