Leonberger – The Gentle Giant of Germany

Looking for the ideal dog to own in our house is quite a challenge, given the numerous breeds that exist in our world today. Each of these breeds is equipped with various traits, which make them unique. A person may find some of these dogs interesting, depending on their taste; some people like small and adorable toy dogs; some are attracted to quick and energetic medium-sized breeds. Furthermore, others are more fond of having a large breed that could work as a family guardian and companion.So if you are a fan of big dogs, this breed is something that you might want to consider.

The Leonberger: a German breed covered with a beautiful coat and walks with pride with its massive body. This breed is among the largest dogs, and just by looking at its appearance could make heads turn. Large dogs are often a natural worker; their massive bodies allow them to work in various types of canine tasks. One of the most common employment of big dogs is as a guard dog; just one look at this breed would keep intruders at bay. A breed packed with power, toughness, and positive nature, the Leonberger is a dog that clearly defines what a guard dog should be.

Origins of the Leonberger

We can trace back the origins of the Leonberger to the 19th century in Leonberger, Germany. Similar to other breeds, its name is derived from the place of its origins, which is Leonberger. Ever since its early existence, it already captured the attention of dog lovers, mainly because of its massive body. However, despite having an enormous physique, it was not yet known as a working dog during its early years; it lived along with humans merely as a family companion.

This non-working lifestyle of the Leonberger was not just a coincidence. The creator of the breed, Heinrich Essig, who is a German politician and entrepreneur, developed it in hopes of creating a royal dog that could live along with European nobles. Apparent from its size, the Leonberger was a product of large dogs, including Saint Bernard and Newfoundlands. Interestingly, the goal of Essig of producing a majestic breed was a success, and the Leonberger came into existence.

A dog fit for a king; this became the best statement to describe the Leonberger. The breed surely proves its worth to various kings and other nobles in Europe, which includes Napolean III, Tsar Alexander II, and the Prince of Wales. Its sudden boost in popularity was to no surprise considering its several great features. Because of this, it didn’t take long for the breed to gain recognition to other people: artists, celebrities, musicians, and so on.

Over the years, the breed started to earn a reputation as a working dog, utilizing its massive body in farms and other fields. From Leonberger’s large and powerful body, it is no doubt that it is breed capable of working in different tasks.

Characteristics of the Leonberger

Height: 25.5 – 31.5 inches

Weight: 90 – 170 pounds

Life Expectancy: 9 years

Hypoallergenic: No

There is no other best way to define the Leonberger; it is a massive dog. This breed could stand up to more than thirty-one inches tall and weighs up to 170 pounds, which could match the weight of an adult human. A muscular and tough physique is what makes up the entirety of its body, allowing it to excel in various field jobs.

Besides Leonberger’s large body, there are other features that make it more interesting. A medium-long waterproof coat covers its body, protecting it from the harsh elements outside. The coat adds up to its elegance, which explains its early employment as a noble companion. An adorable face accompanies the beautiful and tough coat; it has a black facemask, lush triangular ears, and eyes that express the breed’s friendly and affectionate nature.

Moreover, appearance is not the only factor why many people are attracted to the Leonberger; positive behavior is also a reason why a lot of breeders admire this dog. Despite being a huge dog, the Leonberger is extremely affectionate and friendly towards its family, even with children and other pets. A large and amiable breed is just what any dog lovers would want to have as a pet; it works well as a guardian, playmate, as well as a family companion.