Lancashire Heeler –The Vigorous and Intelligent Dog

Is it true that dogs are man’s best friend? The answer is yes; dogs indeed are perfect companions. It is mainly because of their incredible characteristics, which make them unique and useful in various types of jobs. Some dogs are known for power; some are highly intelligent and skilled, while others are recognized for their charming looks and personality. All of these features are what make dogs interesting, making them true dog lovers’ delight.

One breed that is equipped with many excellent qualities is the Lancashire Heeler. It is a relatively small dog that boasts not only its irresistible charms but also its undeniable talent at work. There are two traits that best describe the Lancashire Heeler: intelligent and energetic. Its superior intelligence adds to its overall attractiveness, plus its high energy allows it to work or play on the field for hours. Affectionate is also another feature that best fits the breed; it is amicable towards its family but smart enough to identify a threat.

Suppose you are looking for a dog that is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities, at the same time, a breed that suits perfectly as a family companion. In that case, you should consider owning a Lancashire Heeler.

Origins of the Lancashire Heeler

Despite the breed’s greatness, there is no exact record of its history. However, we can trace back its origins to hundreds of years ago in the 17th century. Speculations say that the Lancashire Heeler’s ancestors were a type of Welsh Corgi and the Manchester Terrier. People believe that this dog used to drive cattle of stock to the Lancashire market; it is a small black and tan breed, also known as the butcher’s dog. This description pretty much resembles the appearance of what we know today as the Lancashire Heeler.

Interestingly, the breed was developed for years, which produced pure traits distinct to the Lancashire Heeler. Ever since its early existence, the breed is known as an excellent cattle herder and ratter; it was a huge help to farmers in the place.  Furthermore, the breed improved its characteristics over the years and adapted to become a lovable family dog.

Because of the breed’s greatness, it gained recognition by the UK Kennel Club during the late 20th century. Years later, the Lancashire Heeler remained to be a significant breed capable of working in various fields. Today, this dog often participates in different events, such as obedience, agility, rally, and herding. It didn’t take long for the breed to boost its popularity in other parts of the globe, mainly in the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Characteristics of the Lancashire Heeler

Height: 10 – 12 inches

Weight: 9 – 17 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Lancashire Heeler is a breed that pretty much resembles the appearance of its ancestors. It is a corgi-looking breed that is also known for its relatively small body; it could stand up to twelve inches tall and weighs up to seventeen pounds. However, don’t be deceived by its little appearance; this dog is packed with an athletic and robust body, which allows it to excel on various canine tasks.

In terms of its looks, the Lancashire Heeler is not just a small dog; it also possesses several traits that add to its attractive characteristic. It has a short coat known to be weather-resistance, which protects its body from the harsh elements outside. In addition to its tough coat, it comes in mesmerizing colors, such as black-and-tan or liver-and-tan. Its face much expresses a happy and cheerful nature, which is sure to put a smile on its owner’s face.

Moreover, another factor that makes the Lancashire Heeler more attractive is its exceptional skill on the field. It may not be as large compared to other skillful dogs, but this breed still proves to be a competent dog when it comes to working. As mentioned earlier, it earned its reputation as a cattle driver during its early years; it remained to keep its credibility as an outstanding worker and shifted its skills in other tasks. Today, the Lancashire Heeler boasts its incredible expertise in different fields, such as sports, show ring, endurance, herding, and so on. Besides all of these jobs suitable for the Lancashire Heeler, it still works best as an adorable family companion.