Komondor – The White Corded Herder

Talk about rare features; the Komondor sure is on a whole new level. When it comes to unique appearance, this breed won’t fail to amuse you. Most of us might be already aware of dogs with various coat appearance; some of them have short hair, some are curly, while others are long-haired. Interestingly, the Komondor showcases a new definition of dog coats: the white cords.

The Komondor is undoubtedly one of the most unique-looking breeds. This dog showcases its beautiful corded hair with pride, catching the attention of dog lovers. The unique appearance of its coat is sure to leave people in awe, which is also the reason why this dog is ideal in the show ring. The Komondor does not only flaunt its fascinating hair; many people also admire the breed because of its strong and positive nature.

With all of the Komondor’s qualities, we can say that it is a genuinely lovable breed. If you are interested in dogs that have long hair and a powerful personality, the Komondor is definitely a dog you should consider owning.

Origins of the Komondor

We can trace back the origins of these adorable fur dogs to hundreds of years ago in Hungary. During its early years of existence, it already started to earn a reputation in the field as a useful working dog: usually working around the farm, guarding and herding flocks of sheep.

Furthermore, don’t let its adorable appearance deceive you; this breed is known for its tough and brave nature. The Komondor is known for its relatively courageous personality; breeders believe that its bravery helped people in scaring off wolves, as well as other large mammals. This feature makes the breed a potential candidate in the hunting field, wherein it could utilize its substantial body and strong will.

As strange as it sounds, the Komondor’s coat is not built just to impress. Other dense and long-coated breeds might only be known for their charming display; the Komondor is different. This breed greatly flaunts its beautiful corded coat, but it also serves another purpose. Its coat acts as sturdy protection against the harsh elements outside; it is also the reason why this breed is able to withstand tough environments. It could also work against sharp-toothed predators, giving the breed protection.

Over the years, the Komondor remained to be a significant breed, roaming around the farmlands and helping farmers with the flocks. This breed is a clear definition of an ideal working companion, showcasing its efficiency in various aspects. Today, the Komondor may not be as popular compared to other breeds, but it is still part of the most distinctive breeds in the world, thanks to its unique coat.

Characteristics of the Komondor

Height: 25.5 – 27.5 inches

Weight: 80 – 100 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years

Hypoallergenic: No

Besides the Komondor’s beautiful appearance, it is also known for something bigger. This breed showcases its large-size body that could stand up more than twenty-seven inches tall and weighs up to a hundred pounds. Just a single glance at this breed would instantly spark our interests; it is massive and has a unique coat; plus, it has an irresistible and charming personality to go with.

As mentioned earlier, we already know a bit about the Komondor’s special coat; now we will dig deeper and look into its details. The breed’s hair is often described as profused white cords, showcasing thick strands, which are not common to other dogs’ coats. The thickness of the breed’s coat usually ends up covering its eyes.

Moreover, the Komondor also built its reputation as an efficient working dog. Based on its origins, this breed worked its way over the years to reach the developed stage it has today. The Komondor is a perfect combination of various excellent traits; it is an ideal working dog with its large body, brilliance, power, and finesse. There’s nothing else more to describe the breed’s expertise when it comes to the field. Just by knowing its history would already tell significant information about how this breed worked as a working dog. If you are looking for a dog that has the looks, the personality, and the wits, the Komondor is suitable for the job.