Kerry Blue Terrier –The Blue-Coated Irish Show Dog

A breed is known for its unique blue coat: the Kerry Blue Terrier dominates the show ring because of its mesmerizing fur and keen intelligence. It may be a common feature for dogs to have hair covering their body; these coats of hair vary in appearance, wherein some are smooth, fine, curly, and so on. We could easily distinguish a dog by its coat; that is why the Kerry Blue Terrier is so unique since it has a one-of-a-kind set of hair.

Just by looking at this dog, it is evident that it is a champion on the show ring. A show dog that is also capable of various types of canine tasks; Kerry proves to be a breed suitable for different indoor and outdoor activities. If you are looking for a beautiful, stylish, intelligent, and overall incredible dog, Kerry undoubtedly fits the job.

Origins of the Kerry Blue Terrier

Similar to other breeds, the name Kerry is derived from the place of its origin; it is a county in Ireland, which is considered the birthplace of the Kerry Blue Terrier. Despite the breed’s fascinating appearance and incredible features, there is not much information about its history. Kerry became a contributor to mysterious Irish tales because of this lack of record, showing no concrete history about the breed’s ancestry.

However, despite the few accounts regarding the Kerry Blue Terrier, the breed already made a solid reputation when it comes to the field. Historians believe that Kerry is already a known working dog for a long time, capable of working in various jobs around the farm. This feature is the reason why many people recognize the breed as versatile, mainly because of its flexibility when it comes to working. It is suitable for various jobs: guarding, herding, hunting, and so on.

Because of the breed’s significant beginning, it is no doubt that it became a mascot for the Irish patriots. Furthermore, the journey of the Kerry Blue Terrier didn’t end there; they continued to improve and was then introduced to the show ring during the early 20th century. Because of the breed’s remarkable appearance and charming personality, it continuously dominated the show ring for a long time. A Kerry Blue Terrier named Mick became one of the great show dogs of the 2000s.

Characteristics of the Kerry Blue Terrier

Height: 17.5 – 19.5 inches

Weight: 33 – 40 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a medium-sized breed that could stand up to more than nineteen inches tall and weighs up to forty pounds. This breed is known for its relatively medium-sized body, but it is classified as one of the largest among its type. Kerry showcases its beautiful coat covering its muscular and athletic body.

As mentioned earlier, Kerry quickly gained recognition primarily because of its elegant coat. From the name itself, the coat comes in a shade of blue along with dark to light gray fur. Its dense coat is a true dog lover’s delight that is sure to make heads turn wherever this dog goes. It also flaunts its beard and long facial hair, adding elegance to the breed’s appearance.

Moreover, the Kerry Blue Terrier is not just a beautiful show dog; it is also recognized for its expertise when it comes to the field. Its versatile skillset makes it suitable for various jobs, such as guarding, herding, sports, hunting, and so on. Among the list of work Kerry is capable of, the show ring is where it truly shines. It is a well-known show dog, mainly because of its unique coat. Just looking at its coat leaves the audience in awe.

Interestingly, the Kerry Blue Terrier sure proves its worth as a remarkable show dog. Besides an adorable appearance and solid skillset, Kerry also attracts dog lovers with its irresistibly charming personality. The breed is brilliant and has a good way with people. It knows how to put a smile on a person’s face, which explains why it excels on the show ring. All of these traits present on the Kerry Blue Terrier are perfectly combined to create the wonderful blue-coated breed that we knew today.