Jindo – The Intelligent Korean Dog

Dogs of various origins are common in our modern world; some dogs originated in  Western countries, while there are some that came from the far east. Most of us may already be aware that many dogs originated in China and Japan, which includes the ever-popular Shih Tzu, Japanese Chin, Chow Chow, and so on. However, China and Japan are not the only countries in Asia that have their share of magnificent breeds in dogdom. There are many other Asian countries that are known for producing excellent breeds that are still known today. A perfect example of this is the Korean Jindo.

From the name itself, the Korean Jindo is a dog that originated from Korea. It is a medium-sized dog packed with unmatched skill on the field, which is mainly used for hunting and guarding. The dog may be known for its outstanding hunting skill; its diverse skillset allows it to be a versatile working dog capable of working in various types of canine tasks. It has the perfect combination of looks, power, intelligence, and good-nature; this dog indeed is a complete package. If you are looking for the ideal family companion, Jindo surely fits the job.

Origins of Jindo

As expected from a Korean breed, Jindo originated from an island on the southwest coast of South Korea called Jindo. We can trace back its origin to thousands of years ago, wherein it lived along with its owners for a long time. During its stay on the island, Jindo was known to run free without any restrictions, honing its skills on the field and being able to adapt to the various elements of its environment.

Over the years, the breed developed significant hunting skills, which makes it attractive to hunters. People used the breed for various hunting activities, wherein it dominated the field with its exceptional expertise. In the following years, the Jindo continue to keep its reputation as an outstanding hunting dog.

The greatness of the breed became known across the nation; authorities designated the breed as Republic of Korea Preservation of Cultural Assets Act No. 53 during the 1960s. This action gave the breed an important role, wherein it was considered as Korea Natural Treasure #53.

Because of the breed’s undeniably fascinating characteristics, it didn’t take long for it to gain recognition in different parts of the globe. The breed made its introduction to the United States during the early 21st century.

Characteristics of Jindo

Height: 18 – 22 inches

Weight: 30 – 50 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As expected from the breed’s incredible history, Jindo holds several characteristics, making it a truly fascinating breed. It is a medium-size breed that could stand up to twenty-two inches tall and weighs up to fifty pounds. Along with this breed’s size, it is packed with great features that make it suitable for various types of canine tasks.

Jindo is known for its beautiful coat; it is short, dense, and soft, giving it a fluffy appearance. Its ears are pointing up, showcasing a strong characteristic, which is apparent on the breed. Furthermore, the breed showcases its eyes that express an intelligent and alert nature.

Interestingly, Jindo does not only have good looks; it also possesses other features that make the breed attractive. This breed may not be as large as other hunting breeds, Jindo still proves to be a powerful and agile dog that could cope with most indoor and outdoor activities. Underneath its beautiful coat is a muscular body that is capable of taking down small to large mammals. Its sturdy legs allow it to bursts at extreme speeds, which is an essential skill when it comesto the field.

Moreover, Jindo is a mighty breed that has earned a reputation as a hunting dog. It is equipped with various traits, which makes it useful in hunting. The breed showcases its hunting finesse with the eagerness to please its master. Its intelligence allows it to excel not just in hunting but also in other fields; it is also known as an excellent guard dog. Overall, Jindo is a remarkable breed that is known for its incredible characteristics; it is a complete package of elegant looks, strong body, intelligence, and affection.