Irish Setter – The Outgoing Sport Dog

Sport dogs are an everyday companion for anyone who is fond of various indoor and outdoor activities. Another breed that has an Irish ancestry comes on the list of incredibly sport dogs: the Irish Setter. Similar to its cousin, ‘Irish Red-and-White Setter,’ this dog is known for its mastery of the sporting game.

The Irish Setter pretty much resembles the appearance of a setter breed. However, one way to distinguish it is by its iconic chestnut or mahogany coat. Active and Outgoing: these features are often present in most setter breeds, wherein people often regard these dogs as playful companions. Furthermore, the Irish Setter sets its standards as a reputable sport dog; it is fast, strong, and energetic, which makes it suitable for the task. With proper training and care, the Irish Setter is a breed that is sure to capture the hearts of many dog lovers.

Origins of the Irish Setter

Many people are probably aware of what a setter breed is; this breed is a type of dog that focuses on hunting game birds, most often by using their incredible sense of smell. The word ‘setter’ was derived from the breed’s ability to quietly sneak into the target’s location then go into a ‘setting’ position. This position allows the dog to lay down on its belly while sending signals to its master, indicating that a bird was located. The hunter would then go to the dog’s place and cast a net towards the bird, which sometimes also capture the dog.

The greatness of setter breeds worked wonders hundreds of years ago before the invention of firearms. However, as time passes, so does the advancement of technology; firearms of various types came into existence, helping hunters do their jobs easier. Interestingly, despite the creation of firearms, setter breeds remained to be a significant part of the hunting field, showcasing their expertise by helping rifle-toting hunters.

During the 19th century, Irish huntsmen developed a sleek breed capable of working in the Emerald Isle’s flat and wide countryside; they called the breed Red Setters, also known as the Irish Setter. It didn’t take long for the breed to build a reputation in the hunting field, wherein many dog lovers admire its effectiveness and keen instincts when it comes to the job. Furthermore, Irish Setters does not only attract Irish huntsmen; they are also highly considered a beautiful show dog, mainly because of their elegant coat and intelligence.

Over the years, the Irish Setter continued to claim its glory by assisting hunters on the field, as well as dominating dog shows. Several hunters and breeders have proven the breed’s capabilities as a sporting dog, which is still evident up to our world today.

Characteristics of the Irish Setter

Height: 25 – 27 inches

Weight: 60 – 70 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Irish Setter is a beautiful breed capable of working in the field. It has a relatively large body that allows it to dominate in the hunting game and help hunters get the job done. This elegant breed could stand up to twenty-seven inches tall and weighs up to seventy pounds. Its size alone is enough to make it suitable for the hunting job.

In terms of its appearance, the Irish Setter flaunts its elegant looks, which is sure to attract many dog lovers. Its massive body showcases a substantial build, but one of its primary characteristics is the iconic coat. The Irish Setter possesses a beautiful coat that comes in two colors: mahogany or chestnut. This elegant coat present in the breed’s massive body makes it excel in dog shows, a definite eye-catcher.

Besides the Irish Setter’s muscular body and beautiful appearance, the breed still holds a lot of qualities that make it a fascinating dog. We already have known that the breed is an excellent hunting dog, but what makes it more interesting is its positive nature when it comes to the field. The Irish Setter is known to be sweet and friendly to its master. It is an ideal family breed that works well, even with children. These beautiful qualities are also factors why many hunters and dog enthusiasts admire the Irish Setter; it is large, powerful, elegant, and has a good nature.