Irish Red and White Setter – The Determined Sport Dog


Introducing another breed who dominated the hunting field: the Irish Red and White Setter is a dog bred primarily for the task. Similar to most setter breeds, this dog earned a solid reputation as a hunting dog, which helped hunters for hundreds of years. As expected, this breed possesses keen instincts and strong working skills, which is pretty useful on the field.

The Irish Red and White Setter is a close relative of the Irish Setter, wherein its expertise heavily resembles the breed. Its body is competent for the job due to its relatively large physique, along with its powerful movement. Just by looking at this dog would easily attract hunters; it is apparent that the Irish Red and White Setter is a breed that is good at assisting hunters in getting the job done.

Looks, skills, and peaceful nature: these are only some of the primary qualities present on the Irish Red and White Setter, making it a breed that is sure to catch many dog lovers’ attention.

Origins of the Irish Red and White Setter

We can trace the origins of the Irish Red and White Setter to the 17th century, way back before its cousin, the Irish Setter, came into existence. During this time, setter breeds made a significant impact in the hunting field, wherein hunters often used these dogs to get the job done efficiently.

Setters are commonly known as hunting dogs ever since their early years; they would often sneak up on game birds by staying low and moving slowly; they would then go into a ‘setting’ position. They freeze all body movements and send a signal by moving their tail; once the setter and the target are in place, the hunter would then finish the hunt by throwing a net over the birds, usually covering the dog as well.

Interestingly, this stealthy technique performed by most setter breeds works best with nets. However, years of development led to the advancement of technology, as well as the creation of firearms. As expected, the setters’ incredible skills allowed them to adapt their hunting methods to advancing technology.

Today, most setter breeds, including the Irish Red and White Setter, are widely known for their expertise in the hunting field. Furthermore, its exceptional talentis not limited to hunting;it also showcases excellent work in other jobs.

Characteristics of the Irish Red and White Setter

Height: 22.5 – 26 inches

Weight: 35 – 60 pounds

Life Expectancy: 11 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

There are a lot of things to expect in the Irish Red and White Setter’s characteristics. This breed is a medium-sized bird dog that could stand up to twenty-six inches tall and weighs up to sixty pounds. Its size is ideal for hunting birds, allowing it to perform its iconic stealthy approach. Power is a massive factor in its body; it is apparent from this dog that it is sturdy enough to work on the field.

In terms of its looks, it heavily resembles the appearance of most setter breeds, especially its cousin, the Irish Setter. Despite their similarities, it is no doubt that these breeds also have distinct features, which make them unique. The Irish Red and White Setter displays a shorter appearance compared to its cousin; from the name itself, this breed is known for its beautiful thick coat that comes in the color white, along with large red spots. Lastly, its face is a clear definition of its positive nature: strong, courageous, and determined.

Speaking of nature, the Irish Red and White Setter is also a breed that showcases its good behavior, especially when it comes to the field. The attitude of this dog speaks for its self. Ever since its early years of employment as a hunting dog, hunters often consider this dog as a brave companion; it shows fearlessness whenever faced with its target and making sure to help its master get the job done. Furthermore, the Irish Red and White Setter are also known for its determination; once given a task, it would make sure not to stop until it gets the job done.

With all these features, one thing is for sure; the Irish Red and White Setter is a breed that any dog lovers would surely admire.