How to Take Care of Dog Nails?

Dogs are very sensitive animals, and so are their body parts. Just like humans, the fingernails of dogs grow. The only difference between a human nail and a dog nail is that a dog nail is extremely hard and around 25 times harder than a human nail. Moreover, they grow at a very fast rate making it difficult for playful dogs to run and even walk. Excessively grown nails can be painful and dangerous at the same time since they can break while the dogs run, which is even more painful. Also, grown nails can be dangerous for humans, too, since even a minute scratch can cause serious injuries, including pain and burning sensation.

According to Emily Morgan, a professional dog trainer and the co-founder of LuckyTail dog nail grinder, trimming or clipping those nails is immensely crucial for the well-being of the dogs and their owners. Since dogs and their nails are sensitive parts as there are a lot of blood veins and nerve endings in the nails, trimming them is a tedious job and something that needs utmost care. Even the smallest of nudges can cause them extreme pain and immense blood loss. Hence many dog parents even shy away from doing this.

Here we have provided a detailed guide of how you can trim your dog’s nails with ease and care. We have given a detailed explanation of the items you would need and the steps you need to follow for trimming your dog’s nails.

Items Required for Trimming Dog Nails

  • Nail Clippers- This is the basic and the most prominent item you would require to clip your dog’s nail. Make sure the clippers are specified as a dog nail grinder and have a solid structure to withstand the hardness of the nails. They should also have proper rubber grips for gripping and a level bar to ensure the nails are not over-clipped.
  • Styptic Powder- This is a medicated powder specially made for dogs. This is used during accidental nudges where the blood comes out while you trim the nails. If something like that happens, make sure to apply a generous amount of styptic powder over the wounded area to stop blood loss and pain.
  • Treats- Another important item is the treats you should keep your dog with constantly to make it happy. Keep supplying treats, and your job becomes easier.

Steps to Clip the Nails of your Dog

Follow the steps explained below to have a hassle-free nail clipping process.

  1. The first step towards clipping your dog’s nails is to let the dog get accustomed to the clipper. Let it sniff the clipper entirely and get comfortable with it to avoid further problems. In the meantime, keep supplying treats for the good work.
  2. Make yourself and the dog comfortable and settled in whatever position, whether sitting or lying, with proper access to the nails.
  3. Take every individual nail and very carefully clip them. Start by clipping for a few millimetres and stop as soon as the quick arrives.
  4. The quick is the pink line in a dog’s nail that indicates the blood veins and nerve endings. If you accidentally clip through the quick, it may bleed, and pain but do not panic. Keep the dog and remain calm yourself and apply the medicated styptic powder to control bleeding.
  5. As you finish trimming a single nail, keep the treats coming so that the dog does not get distracted and enjoys the whole process.

Duration of Every Trim

The duration of trimming dog nails depends on a lot of factors such as the breed, the growth rate of the nail, how well are the nails maintained, what are the places where the dogs walk and play. Considering all these factors, the duration of trimming the dog’s nails can range from 4 to 8 weeks. Even though there is no fixed time, the owner should constantly check the growth rate. Excessive growth can be dangerous and painful for the dog’s paws.

Quick Tips

  • If you are not at all able to clip the nails due to fear or the dog being too restless, never impose it on the dog. Instead, make sure to take the dog for a playful run on a rough surface regularly. This reduces the sharpness of the nails to a significant extent as well as keeps the dog healthy too.
  • Make sure to dip the nails in lukewarm water before trimming to help soften the nails.
  • Rinse and disinfect appropriately after completion of the process.