How to spoil your puppy in a sustainable way

Having a new puppy is an exciting and happy time for most pet owners. From their funny antics and cute cuddles to their sloppy kisses and puppy breath, we all want to spoil our new friend rotten. Here are some sustainable, eco-friendly ways to treat the newest member of your family.

Adopt, don’t shop!

This one might be too late if you’ve already brought your pup home, but adopting a puppy is much more sustainable than buying one, and provides a loving home for a dog that might’ve been abandoned, neglected or even sadly abused.

Get your puppy eco-friendly dog toys

Avoid harmful single-use plastics and opt for eco-friendly dog toys. Wild Thought’s natural dog toy selection is made from natural food-grade rubber that is harvested from FSC Certified Forests and is 100% biodegradable. This makes all items perfectly safe for your dog to consume. Many of these toys are also textured, meaning they help clean your puppy’s teeth and promote healthy teeth and gums – a win-win!

Planet-friendly pet food

By choosing planet-friendly pet food, you’re probably also choosing pet food with a much higher nutritional value that contains better ingredients for your dog. Look for natural dog foods that contain meat or animal by-products that have been sourced and processed within the country, lowering your carbon footprint. Avoid beef entirely, as this is the meat with the highest carbon footprint by far.

Delicious treats

Environmentally friendly dog treats don’t have to cost the earth – in fact, there are thousands of recipes out there that you can make at home. From peanut butter and banana bites to treats that are frozen to help your dog through hot weather, there are plenty of natural, simple, sustainable treats to choose from. Simple, traditional treats like pig’s ears and specific bones make a great all-natural chew too.

Plenty of walks!

The one simple way you can spoil your puppy is to take them on plenty of lovely walks. Completely free and environmentally friendly, go out into nature and experience the great outdoors with your new friend. Your puppy will love spending time with you and experiencing all the sounds and smells of the outside.

Invest in eco-friendly dog supplies

Thankfully, there’s an eco-friendly option for almost everything these days, and pet supplies are no exception. As animal lovers, it comes as no surprise we want to protect the planet and all the creatures on it through our purchases. Opt for sustainable options where you can, like compostable poo bags, bamboo drinking bowls, portable fabric drinking bowls, and chemical-free pet shampoos. These few changes can have a significant impact on our planet while spoiling your puppy at the same time.