How to Find the Best Pet Insurance: Compare Results Online

Pets represent such a huge part of the experience of life. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person or anything in between, you know that these animals find a special way into your heart and they become a very real part of your family. The moment you bring home your puppy, or that adorable little kitten, a very interesting thing happens – you worry.

This is a natural part of becoming a new pet owner. You become so obsessed with their little tails, boopy-noses, and bean-toes that it’s hard not to worry about them as soon as you turn off the light and head to bed.

Are they eating enough? Are they healthy? Do they have worms, are they up to date on their shots and vaccinations? All of these questions and more will go through your mind as you develop into the beginning stages of getting to know your new pet. What’s more, is that all of these thoughts and concerns are completely normal.

In fact, it may be an area of concern if you were not a little bit worried over the health of your pet. Thankfully, the modern-day veterinarian has made keeping our faithful furry friends healthy and strong easy and attainable. Almost all communities, both rural and urban have centers of animal health, whether it’s an animal hospital or a veterinarian’s office. This makes health care for your pet fairly available, but one of the most prohibitive aspects of pet healthcare is cost.

You’re Pet’s Health Isn’t Cheap

The truth of the matter is that taking your pet to the vet for checkups, treatments, and corrective care is simply not free. What’s more, is that depending on the severity of the situation you find yourself in, the price tag for treatment can skyrocket. It’s not abnormal for more involved treatments and procedures to cost pet owners thousands of dollars.

Not only that, but preventive, normal, and non-emergent costs of pet ownership are no small thing as well. While you may not be dolling out the same price tag for an emergency treatment, the cost of vet visits, check-ups, and normal medications can build up.

Are Pet Emergencies Expensive?

This can create a prohibitive cost barrier to getting your pet the kind of treatment that it may need. For instance, if you have a young puppy who is going through the learning process of not chewing everything in sight, you could by chance run into a situation where your puppy devours something it wasn’t supposed to.

While this can be a normal part of having a puppy, there are times when a certain something they chew may cause a bowel obstruction and require surgery to remove. These kinds of situations are scary for both pet and owner and can represent procedures with five-digit price tags.

These scenarios and many more are simply part of the reality of owning a dog or a cat, and they do simply complicate things. The cost, the emotional journey, it all has a toll. While you certainly hope that your pet lives long, full and happy life, if these things do happen, it pays to have a plan in place that allows money to not be an obstacle in getting your pet the care it needs.

How Do You Get the Best Pet Insurance?

On top of the initial cost of the pet, the normal investment in daily upkeep, you’ll want to be sure that you are getting the best pet insurance to protect all your hard-earned investment. After all, before your pet ever needs to see a veterinarian, there’s a chance that you could have already spent thousands of dollars on the animal and it simply just makes sense to get the best coverage.

This isn’t all about the money either, but about ensuring that your pet has the best chance at living a healthy, full, and happy life. So how do you know you are getting the best pet insurance when you get online and start researching?

Here are five of the most important things that a pet insurance provider should provide!

Preventative Care Option

Preventative care is one of the most powerful tools you can use to help ensure your pet’s long-term health. Making sure your pet has access to regular check-ups, shots, and medications can be a huge step in keeping your furry friends healthy and happy for the long haul.

Exam Fees

Not all pet insurances are equal, and pet insurance should definitely not be hard to navigate or understand. Being sure that your plan includes exam fees will help to really take the financial edge off of keeping your pet healthy and happy.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When it comes to the healthcare of your pet, you want to work with organizations that are confident in their product. Looking for a money-back guarantee should tell you that the insurance agency is serious about what they do and confident they can keep you and your pet satisfied.

Therapeutic Diets and Dietary Supplements

One of the most empowering ways you can keep your pet healthy and strong is by making sure that they are properly nourished. Not only that, but certain pets may simply have gastrointestinal issues that call for specialized diets.

Food sensitivities exist in the animal world too. Ensuring that you are able to provide your pet with the food they need that is good for them is a holistic way of keeping them healthy for the long haul.


Lastly, look into the coverage for chipping your pet. This move allows you the peace of mind that they won’t get lost and that you can find them easily if somehow they become separated from you.


Finding an insurance agency that covers all of these and more is not as hard as you may think. Spot pet insurance offers all of these awesome coverages and much more to help keep your pet healthy. Not only that, but their team of trained professionals can build a flexible coverage package that hits the areas you care about and works for your pocketbook.