How to buy dog food online?

One of my favorite things about working from home is that I spend more time with my cats. I like to sit on the call beating the cat, or write an article with a log sleeping with me. I’m not sure if they love quarantine as much as I do, but regardless, it’s giving me plenty of time to spend with my favorite friends.

Here are some of our favorite pet retailers who send pet supplies right to your door:

1. Chewing

Chewy is a great one stop shop for all your pet supply needs. It has a wide selection of dog and cat food, the brands of which you can find at major retailers such as Target and the ones you can’t find everywhere, like My Cats’ favorite dry food from Hill’s Science Diet. And when you sign up for AutoShip, you save up to 30% on your first shipment, which is a dream come true if you have multiple pets and you eat fast food.

2. PetSmart

PetSmart is another large pet retailer that sells brand name food, healthcare, treatments and toys. The company has a page on its site dedicated to COVID-19 updates, which allows users to view the latest in-store updates and in-store safety measures for both shoppers and pets.

PetSmart offers frequent deals on top-selling pet favorites, including food, carriers, training equipment, and toys. You can also save up to 10% on your total purchase by ordering online and picking up Curbside from your local store.

3. Petco

Petco offers a wide range of food, treats, toys and accessories for a variety of pets.  Petco also has physical stores that are currently open, although they may operate fewer hours (check your local store for the most accurate time). Like Chevy, Petco is offering auto delivery for the ship at a 35% discount on your first purchase, a great option for pet owners who want to continue getting online delivery.

As Petco also operates brick and mortar stores, it is taking action to protect humans and pets during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Petko has returned the hours. Stop dog washing, dog play time, and dog training. Decrease grooming to make sure people are following social distance. And enforced a pet drop-off approach to their veterinary services.

4. Walmart +

Like other major retailers, Walmart has a pet portion of its business that caters to dog and cat owners. Walmart sells a suite of smart technology for pets (such as auto feeders and pet cameras), pet furniture and toys, pet food, garbage, and flea and tick medicine. Walmart also recently unveiled Walmart +, a paid subscription service that offers one-day free delivery on certain products, including pet supplies.

You can order pet goods online from Walmart and deliver them directly to your home, or you can order the goods to be picked up at the store. Walmart doesn’t have the pet food limit that other retailers like Chevy and Petco have, but it does have very high prices for toys and pet furniture. Walmart is also the only retailer that can offer one day free shipping, which can be a big deal if you recently found out that you have run out of pet food.

5. Target

Target also sells pet products for cats, dogs, birds and fish. It often runs pet deals that are great for bargain seekers, but unlike Walmart, Target doesn’t take all the major pet supply brands that are more pet retailers.

The target is also allowing users to monitor how they are reacting to the coronavirus.  It sets shopping times for those at risk of receiving supplies, and allows shoppers to shop online and for in-store pickups.

6. Letter box

The letterbox is an excellent online store for shopping for cat accessories and litter.  It is owned by the same company that makes the $ 500 smart litter boxes we tested, but the Litter Box focuses exclusively on cat litter, catnip, cat toys, cleaning products and furniture.

I recently ordered a catnip flight from the letterbox to see if my cats could tell the difference between the different species. They could – and it was an incredibly fun way to entertain yourself and your cats during our lockdown.

In addition to catnip, the litter box also sells dustbins, which it claims are a hypoallergenic, dust-free alternative to standard waste.  It also sells a wide variety of cat toys made from catnip, sesame and hemp.

Chicken dog food  has plenty of nutritional benefits of a chicken meal, which is why you’ll often find it in dog food. For starters, chicken meal is packed with protein, an essential nutrient that plays a role in everything from muscle growth to immune functions.

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