Hamiltonstovare–The Regal Scenthound

A dog known for versatility and regal style: the Hamiltonstovare is a powerful breed that boasts incredible qualities. Many people admire this breed for its versatile skillset, making it capable of working in different fields of work. It also builds a solid reputation in the speed category, wherein this breed showcases unmatched agility.

The Hamiltonstovare is a medium-sized breed that has been around for many years. Its remarkable features allow it to be employed in multiple jobs ever since its early years of existence. Bred to be a hunter, the Hamiltonstovare is packed with various characteristics, which makes it dominate the hunting field. Its superior skills also make it excel in other activities, making it a truly multi-talented breed.

Pure greatness is evident on the Hamiltonstovare. Just by looking at this breed, it is apparent that this dog possesses incredible qualities that are fit for a noble dog. With all these features, we can say that the Hamiltonstovare is a breed that would capture the hearts of many dog lovers.

Origins of the Hamiltonstovare

We can trace back the origins of the Hamiltonstovare to hundreds of years ago in Sweden. During the 19th century, Count Adolf Patrick Hamilton founded the Hamiltonstovare in hopes of developing a breed with remarkable features. Count Hamilton was the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club; during this time, he was looking for a breed that was capable of adapting and working in a rough environment, mainly for hunting hares and foxes. Besides hunting, the breed should also be suitable for working in other activities present in the area.

To achieve his goal, Count Hamilton used different working breeds in the process: English Foxhounds, Harriers, Curlandish Hound, Holsteiner Hound, and Heiderbracke. As expected, his work was a success and led to the creation of the Hamiltonstovare, which was introduced to the public in 1921 as the ‘Swedish Hound.’

Over the years, the Hamiltonstovare was a significant part of the Swedish hunting game. It showed its exceptional skills on the field as an individual hunter, in contrast to its ancestors, which works best in packs. Furthermore, the greatness of the Hamiltonstovare in the field continued to shine up to our modern world, wherein it still serves as an excellent hunting dog and overall worker.

Characteristics of the Hamiltonstovare

Height: 19 – 24 inches

Weight: 40 – 75 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14 – 17 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As a versatile working dog, the Hamiltonstovare boasts its medium-sized body that could stand up to twenty-four inches tall and weighs up to seventy-five pounds. This body statistics of the Hamiltonstovare showcases its superior abilities on the field, wherein it can quickly adapt and work on different types of canine tasks.

The Hamiltonstovare is a complete package; it has excellent characteristics, which clearly define the breed’s greatness. One of the primary assets of Hamiltonstovare is its noble appearance. At first glance, it is already evident that this dog was once part of royalty; it has a sleek design packed with a muscular and athletic figure. It stands proud with its deep chest with a smooth coat that comes with the colors black, brown, and white. Its large ears add to its regal appearance, giving an elegant look to its head; its eyes express a focused nature, which is a clear description of the breed’s passion for hunting.

Moreover, the Hamiltonstovare is a breed known for its exceptional hunting skills. However, hunting is not the only skill this breed has; it also excels in different jobs as well, making it gain recognition as a versatile dog. One trait that makes it shine, among other breeds, is its keen sense of smell, which is perfect for hunting. It is a scenthound that holds many other characteristics that are mainly used for getting the job done. Another incredible trait of the Hamiltonstovare is pure eagerness when it comes to working. Besides its superior skills on the field, this breed proves to be an incredible dog because of its enthusiastic nature, making it an easily trainable dog. It may be lazy at some time, but when it comes to training, this dog is also ready to go. Overall, this breed proves to be a fascinating dog that any dog lovers would find attractive.