Greyhound –The Independent and Noble Hound

For years, dogs have always been a part of our society. It is interesting how these creatures paved their way for thousands of years, developing more breeds in the process. One of the oldest breed on the list is the Greyhound, which is known to have existed for thousands of years.

The Greyhound is a dog that showcases several remarkable qualities, which makes it a truly impressive breed. It is considered a noble dog capable of working in different types of canine tasks. However, one of its primary assets is its superior speed; it built a reputation as a champion sprinter.

Because of the Greyhound’s outstanding characteristics, many dog enthusiasts admire this breed. The Greyhound is a complete package for anyone who is looking for a powerful dog, combined with elegant looks and noble ancestry. With all of these features, we can say that the Greyhound is a one-of-a-kind dog that is sure to bring joy to owners.

Origins of the Greyhound

The Greyhound has its share of the interesting history of dogs, wherein it played an essential role in the development of various breeds. We can trace the origins of the Greyhound to thousands of years ago. The most commonly known history of the breed was from 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt; as expected, this dog was already used as a working dog ever since its early existence.

Interestingly, the Greyhound used to live with royal families. It was known as a noble dog for its association with Egyptian pharaohs. However, its life as a noble dog was not to receive royal treatments; people used this dog in various activities, mainly hunting, in the Egyptian desert.

Moreover, many people were attracted to the Greyhound because of its elegant appearance, which used to signify and adds up to a person’s royalness. For others, the dog’s beautiful appearance shows a part of the ruler’s greatness.

Over the years, the Greyhound didn’t fail to showcase its outstanding characteristics. In our world today, this breed remains to be an incredible dog that would surely catch the interest of many people.

Characteristics of the Greyhound

Height: 27 – 30 inches

Weight: 60 – 70 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 – 13 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Greyhound is a large-sized breed that could stand up to thirty inches tall and weighs up to seventy pounds. Its size alone is enough to convince dog enthusiasts that this breed is capable of working in various fields. Its enormous body is combined with a muscular and elegant body, which is suitable for work.

As mentioned earlier, the Greyhound possesses several other qualities that make it a very attractive dog. Besides its massive size, it is also known for its beautiful appearance, which explains its noble ancestry. It has an incredibly sleek figure famous for its ‘inverted S’ shape. This feature displays a deep chest along with a tightly tucked waist. This beautiful appearance is what inspired many artists to make paintings, which somehow resembles the Greyhound.

Another interesting trait of the Greyhound is its superior speed. Since it has a perfectly designed body, it is capable of moving a lot easier compared to other breeds; it is agile and sturdy, which works best during quick bursts. Besides its incredible agility, the Greyhound also boasts its other qualities, making it an ideal working dog.

Moreover, the Greyhound is a perfect package for those who are looking for an athletic dog, and at the same time, a trusted family companion. Besides good looks and power, this breed showcases a wonderful nature that is sure to attract dog lovers. This dog is gentle despite its incredible strength; it is known for being an independent dog capable of working on various tasks, making sure to get the job done.

Its gentleness works best around its family; it could be an intimidating threat against intruders, but it is also an adorable dog towards its family. Its highly affectionate nature adds to its attractiveness, wherein many people consider this breed an ideal family dog.

Greyhounds prove to be a breed that holds several qualities of a remarkable hound. This dog is a perfect combination of various qualities: power, speed, gentleness, and beauty.