Great Dane – The Mighty Working Dog

The greatness of dogs reached a whole new level over the years, wherein some breeds were developed for the sole purpose of showcasing their mighty characteristics. In turn, many people are amazed at these dog’s fascinating features. In our modern world, we can see that there are dogs of diverse origins; these breeds possess distinct qualities, which makes them unique. And out of all these breeds, there are some considered dominant over the others.

One breed that is sure to showcase its superior class is the Great Dane. Apparent from its name, Dane is a solid definition of a mighty and tremendous dog. It is a breed known for its massive size, making it a pretty attractive breed.

Because of its largeness, many dog lovers admire the Great Dane. Furthermore, this dog proves to be a significant breed, not just in size but also in other features. Such qualities possessed by the Great Dane are enough for it to gain recognition; in fact, this dog is among the most popular breeds around the globe. With this said, we can say that the Great Dane is a truly magnificent breed that would definitely give any owner a smile on their face.

Origins of the Great Dane

Despite the breed’s greatness, there is no much information on its origins. Speculations show that this breed is associated with Denmark. However, the Great Dane is known for being native in Germany, wherein it is called the Deutsche Dog, also known as German dog.

As expected from its enormous body and keen instincts, the Great Dane first dominated the fields as a ferocious hunting dog, along with its master. German nobles were the earliest people to utilize the greatness of this breed on the field; they used them in hunting wild boars. Over the years, the Great Dane was employed in other jobs, and one of the most significant works it participated in was a guard dog. Its might was a perfect trait that works best in guarding the house; it also possesses other incredible qualities, which makes it a truly dependable dog. Because of this, the Great Dane inevitably gained recognition as a trusted guard dog, wherein its popularity skyrocketed.

Years later, the Great Dane’s popularity continued to widespread, and many people began to notice the breed’s greatness. Until today, the Great Dane remains to be one of the most famous breeds worldwide; it is still known for its outstanding work on the field, as well as the eagerness to finish the job.

Characteristics of the Great Dane

Height: 28 – 32 inches

Weight: 110 – 175 pounds

Life Expectancy: 7 – 10 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Great Dane is an enormous dog that could stand up to a whopping thirty-two inches and weighs up to 175 pounds. This breed’s size and weight alone are more than enough to emphasize its effectiveness as a guard dog; just by looking at it would surely keep intruders at bay.

Massive size is not the only beautiful feature of the Great Dane. It also holds various characteristics, which makes it more attractive. This breed is known for its muscular and sleek body; it is combined with a smooth coat that comes with different colors and patterns, such as black, brown, or white. It has a sturdy-looking skull, which defines the breed’s powerful physique; its ears convey a dependable nature, and its eyes expressing friendliness.

Moreover, the Great Dane is a concrete definition of a strong and affectionate dog. It is widely known for its highly loving nature, making it an ideal family dog. Furthermore, it is a breed that could quickly identify its family, as well as threats. Combined with its dependable nature and intelligence, any intruder would be hesitant to go into your home with a Great Dane on sight.

Overall, the Great Dane is a perfect combination of enormous size, elegant appearance, powerful body, and affectionate nature. All of these qualities are factors that make the Great Dane a fascinating dog. This breed is not just an excellent working dog; it also proves to be an ideal household companion. With proper care, the Great Dane is no doubt a breed that any dog enthusiasts would surely love.