Gordon Setter –The Giant Scottish Sport Dog

Setters are known for their powerful bodies and incredible hunting skills. Most setter breeds showcase their expertise on the field for hundreds of years, wherein hunters of various origins often use these dogs to aid them in their hunting activities.

Like any other group, setters also share distinct and similar features with other breeds. Some of these characteristics are what make them shine, among others.These features include various attributes, such as size, color, skills, and temperament; one of the most distinct of these traits is size.

Many breeds are known for their adorably tiny size, but there are also dogs that gain recognition for their incredibly large body; an excellent example of this feature is the Gordon Setter. Like any other setter breeds, Gordon shows an outstanding passion when it comes to the field. This breed boasts its massive body combined with exceptional skills; it displays a concrete definition of a substantial dog.

Origins of the Gordon Setter

We can trace back the origins of the Gordon Setter to hundreds of years ago. Similar to other setter breeds, Gordon already had its reputation as a hunting dog ever since its early existence. Hunters admire the Gordon Setter for its unique hunting style, wherein it lays down quietly once it locates a target. It was an effective hunting style at that time; hunters usually end up ensnaring both the target and the dog to hold them in place and finish the capture. This feature goes along well with Gordon’s sturdy and massive body, making it suitable for working in different terrains.

A significant event in the development of the Gordon Setter was made in the 19th century, where Alexander Gordon became known for his creations. He was responsible for developing various setter breeds, as well as other types of dogs. His works led to the development of the Gordon Setter through crossing various breeds. Interestingly, this dog was introduced by George Blunt to the United States during the mid-19th century.

Characteristics of the Gordon Setter

Height: 23 – 27 inches

Weight: 45 – 80 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 13 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Gordon Setter was a large breed that could stand up to twenty-seven inches tall and weighs up to eighty pounds. This dog is known for its incredibly massive body, which is regarded as the largest of its group. Its body is packed with a muscular and athletic figure, making it effective on the field.

Besides its substantial physique, the Gordon Setter showcases a beautiful coat that comes with the color black with tan markings. It has a large skull with droopy ears, which conveys a positive nature; its deep eyes express a confident and gentle characteristic, which is evident in the breed’s appearance.

Moreover, the greatness of the Gordon Setter is not limited to its sturdy and elegant appearance; this dog also proves to be a magnificent breed through its soft and positive nature. The Gordon Setter is a clear display of an affectionate and confident breed. It is extremely friendly towards its family; at the same time, it is smart enough to identify strangers. It does not back down against intruders, and displaying its massive body is enough to keep them at bay. These features make Gordon an effective dog, not just in the hunting field but also as a guard dog.

Superior hunting skills in one of Gordon’s main traits. Ever since its early existence, breeders have already regarded this breed as a powerful hunter who dominates the field with its massive body and incredible instincts. Furthermore, it also showcases its unique hunting style by laying close to its target while getting the attention of its master. This feature was admired by several hunters, which still spark the interests of many dog lovers today.

Overall, the Gordon Setter is a strong breed that is sure to give any dog enthusiasts a wonderful time. It works best in various places; it dominates the field with its expertise; it also showcases a suitable characteristic for a guard dog. Besides these jobs, Gordon Setter proves to be a suitable dog to be an ideal companion for the family.