Giant Schnauzer –The Gentle Giant Dog

Massive and loyal are what best describe the Giant Schnauzer. Apparent from its name, the Giant Schnauzer is an incredibly large breed that sure to keep intruders at bay. It has a powerful and tough body, which is ideal for various types of canine tasks. Its beautiful appearance and elegant coat might be deceiving; it hides its muscular and athletic body underneath its thick fur.

Besides its unique appearance, intelligence plays a major role in making the Giant Schnauzer an excellent breed. This feature makes it more capable of working in diverse fields, which also makes it a versatile breed. Furthermore, loyalty also serves as one of its primary features; many dog breeders admire this breed because of its deep devotion towards its family. Once it gets attached to its master, it showcases its loyal nature, making sure to please its owners and get the job done.

Overall, the Giant Schnauzer is a remarkable dog; it is a perfect combination of size, power, brains, and loyalty. With all these features, it is no doubt that this breed is admired by many dog lovers around the globe. If you are looking for a dog that works best in several fields and is a remarkable family companion, the Giant Schnauzer is a dog that any dog enthusiasts would want to consider.

Origins of the Giant Schnauzer

There are not many records about the history of the Giant Schnauzer. We can trace back the origins of the breed to the mid 19th century in the Bavarian Alps, where it was developed from a relatively smaller breed called Standard Schnauzer. Ever since its early existence, the Giant Schnauzer has already earned its reputation as an efficient working dog; people mainly used it as a cattle dog, driving cattle from farm to market.

Besides working as a cattle dog, the Giant Schnauzer was also employed in other fields; it worked as a guard dog in farms, markets, and other establishments. Years later, the Giant Schnauzer adapted to a greater form of work; it was employed as a European police dog. The popularity of the Giant Schnauzer reached greater heights as it participated in more events such as dog shows and sports. Furthermore, the breed gained further recognition in different places, mainly because of its exceptional skills, and other people consider this breed an ideal family dog.

Characteristics of the Giant Schnauzer

Height: 23.5 – 27.5 inches

Weight: 55 – 85 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: Yes

As mentioned earlier, the Giant Schnauzer is a relatively large breed that could stand up to more than seventy inches tall and weighs up to eighty-five pounds. Its enormous body showcases its substantial physique, keeping intruders at bay; Its thick and beautiful coat hides its muscular figure. The Giant’s body coat is one of its distinctive features, which comes in two varieties: solid black or ‘pepper and salt.’

Moreover, many people admire the Giant Schnauzer’s gentle and calm appearance. Its face often displays this kind of soft personality, wherein its small and dark eyes express a loyal and innocent nature. Ears pointing upwards are also evident on this breed’s head, which gives it the appearance of alertness. Another distinct feature of the Giant is its facial hair. It may already possess a unique body coat, but its facial hair also showcases a unique look; it has a thick and dense beard from its cheeks down to its chin; thick eyebrows are also evident on its face.

Interestingly, the Giant Schnauzer holds more qualities, which makes it more attractive. This breed does not only have a beautifully large appearance; it also possesses exceptional skills when it comes to the field. Many dog breeders consider this dog as versatile because of its capability in various canine works. Despite its early employment as a cattle dog, the Giant proves to be suitable for other tasks available. It can do an excellent job as a sport dog, show dog, and guard dog. Its keen instincts and alertness are essential features, which makes it efficient when it comes to guarding the house. Furthermore, it is also known to be deeply loyal to its family, which is a vital part of being a house guardian, as well as a family companion.