German Wirehaired Pointer –The Noble Sports Dog

Several dogs made a significant entry in the world of sports, giving them recognition to many dog enthusiasts. Some of these dogs are known to dominate in the sporting game, as well as in other activities. It is incredible how these breeds paved their way in the competitive game.

One breed that is known for its sporty character is the German Wirehaired Pointer. Most German pointers built their reputation in the field as sport dogs; one of these breeds is the German Wirehaired Pointer. The German Wirehaired Pointer, also known as the GWP, is an incredibly strong breed that possesses strong qualities on the field. It is a devoted and eager breed that makes sure to get the job done. It is always willing to learn and shows a soft heart towards its owners. Overall, we can say that the German Wirehaired Pointer is a breed that is sure to spark the interest of many dog lovers.

Origins of the German Wirehaired Pointer

We can trace back the origins of the German Wirehaired Pointer to hundreds of years ago when hunting was a common event in Europe. For a long time, people were fond of competitive hunting, wherein they used dogs to help them in getting the job done. Interestingly, these creatures played an essential role in assisting hunters in dominating the field, one of the reasons why breeders exert effort in producing dogs capable of hunting.

Over the years, breeders took measures in producing hunting dogs suitable for various types of birds, as well as different environments; this was made possible by crossing various breeds, including setters, spaniels, and retrievers. However, Continental European breeders made a better choice of combining all the great qualities of a hunting dog, producing incredibly versatile gundogs. The German Wirehaired Pointer was one of the breeds created with this process.

The German Wirehaired Pointer gained recognition to German sports enthusiasts during the early 19th century, where people admired the greatness of this breed. Ever since, the GWP was widely known for its beautiful coat and strong hunting abilities, making it a truly attractive dog. In addition to its skyrocketed popularity, breeders became more aware of the GWP’s distinctive features, wherein a better form of classifying dogs was established.

Many people regard the German Wirehaired Pointer as a versatile and powerful breed capable of working diverse terrains. Its thick coat is not just an elegant display; it also serves as a tough armor, allowing it to work in harsh environments with ease. Despite the various elements outside, the GWP stays strong and suitable as a hunting dog.

Characteristics of the German Wirehaired Pointer

Height: 22 – 26 inches

Weight: 50 – 70 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14 – 16 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a relatively large breed that could stand up to twenty-six inches tall and weighs up to seventy pounds. Its massive body is equipped with a thick and beautiful coat that serves as a tough armor, allowing it to work on various terrains. Underneath its dense coat is a muscular and athletic physique, which are both essential factors in the hunting game.

The German Wirehaired Pointer also shares similar qualities with other German pointers. This commonality is often evident in the breed’s exceptional hunting skills and behavioral similarities. Despite these features, the GWP remained a unique dog capable of performing various canine tasks, making it an excellent versatile breed.

Moreover, several other great qualities are present in the German Wirehaired Pointer. Aside from its superior skillset in various fields, this dog is packed with incomparable endurance and stamina. This dog can work for hours without rest and still manage to produce excellent results; combined with its tough coat and athletic body, the GWP is a breed that is sure to give a strong output in the field.

An ideal working dog is evident on the German Wirehaired Pointer. Furthermore, soft nature is what makes it more attractive to dog breeders. Many people admire this breed often because of its sweet and friendly nature to its family; at the same time, this dog is smart enough to identify intruders. In addition to its kind nature, the GWP also shines for being an eager breed, always ready to train and engage in different activities.