German Longhaired Pointer – The Versatile Hunter

Various breeds specialize in different activities; some of them excel in sports, others in dog shows, while there are some who dominate the hunting field. Just seeing how these dogs participate in such activities give us a sense of attraction towards these creatures. Hunting is one of the most popular activities hundreds of years ago, where hunters participate along with their trusted companion.

A breed that best fits the hunting game is the German Longhaired Pointer. Evident on its name, long hair is one of its distinct features. The German Longhaired Pointer, also known as GLP, is an ideal hunting dog; hunters admire this breed because of its versatile form of hunting capable of working in various situations. With all these features of the GLP, we can say that this dog is no doubt a truly remarkable breed to bring on a hunt.

Origins of the German Longhaired Pointer

From the name itself, the German Longhaired Pointer shows an obvious ancestry in Germany. It is known as an old continental Pointer, which has its genetics from various hunting breeds. These inherited qualities are essential in making the GLP an incredibly versatile breed.

It is evident that Longhaired-type breeds gained recognition in Europe over the years. They became a part of our pop culture, wherein they often appear in various oil paintings and copperplates, showcasing their outstanding skills.

Throughout the years, the popularity of the German Longhaired Pointer became widespread in different places. The late 19th century led to the creation of kennel associations, wherein a more systematic approach to classifying dogs was established. During this time, breed standards also became an essential part of dog identification; breeders became strict in implementing such standards in producing breeds. This practice is what helped the German Longhaired Pointer, as well as other breeds, in achieving pure characteristics over the years.

During the late 19th century, the first breed standard of the German Longhaired Pointer was written by Baron von Schorlemer. This work of Baron von Schorlemer made a huge impact on developing pure breeds of the GLP to our modern day.

Characteristics of the German Longhaired Pointer

Height: 22 – 28 inches

Weight: 55 – 80 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 14 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the German Longhaired Pointer has characteristics that best describe an athletic and versatile pointer breed. It is a relatively large breed that could stand up to twenty-eight inches tall and weighs up to eighty pounds. This size is ideal for a hunting dog, along with its sleek and healthy physique, it is apparent that this dog is truly a breed that excels in different types of hunting activities.

Hunting is not the only thing that makes the GLP attractive; it also holds various qualities that make this breed shine, among others. Despite its resemblance to pointer and setter breeds, the GLP is widely known for its long hair – a feature that is evident from its name. The breed’s long hair is dense, making it capable of enduring harsh elements in its environment. A calm and sweet face also adds up to its greatness, accompanied by eyes that express a gentle nature.

In terms of the GLP’s abilities, it is clear that this breed is truly an expert in its field.  As a known hunter, the GLP showcases its superior hunting skills; it could work best in various situations, whether on land or water. Its keen hunting skills and powerful body are both factors why this dog dominates the field. Furthermore, the GLP is bred not only for hunting; its athletic body was able to adapt over the years and channeled into sports. With a passion for hunting long gone, people became more engaged in sports. During this time, the German Longhaired Pointer continued to shine on the field.

The German Longhaired Pointer is a breed with a balanced nature and versatile skillset. It is no wonder why many people admire this dog; its incredible qualities are sure to draw more people into liking it. There are no limits as to the capabilities of this dog on the field. However, one thing is for sure; the German Longhaired Pointer is a breed that makes a remarkable companion.