French Spaniel – The Intelligent French Hunter

The significance of hunting dogs was unmatched hundreds of years ago when vast game fields were still common for enthusiastic hunters. History shows us how such dogs helped in the hunting game over the years; it is evident that these dogs played a big role in the field with the use of their keen instincts and incredible physical capabilities. Despite their common distinction as hunters, it is still natural for one breed to gain recognition for its special characteristics.

An excellent example of a special hunting dog is the French Spaniel. Spaniel-types are natural hunters, which is known to have exceptional skills and powerful bodies capable of tracking and hunting down their targets. What makes the French Spaniel so special is its superior intelligence; it is easy to train and possesses other qualities which work best with its athletic body. Overall, it’s safe to say that the French Spaniel is a breed that is a clear definition of greatness.

Origins of the French Spaniel

Apparent from its name, we can trace back the history of the French Spaniel to France, where it was developed from breeds of the 14th century. Its popularity was inevitable, mainly because of its fascinating features; it quickly became a popular breed during the Middle Ages, living with royal families at the time. However, its popularity didn’t save it from having a catastrophic decline in its population, leaving it on the brink of extinction. Thankfully, the breed didn’t go extinct because of the help of a French priest named Father Fournier.

This breed showcases a brief idea of how great its ancestors were; it is a descendant of a relatively large breed that pretty much passed its massive traits to the French Spaniel. Furthermore, there are many other breeds known as the French Spaniel’s ancestors. History shows that it is most likely that various sport spaniels are the common ancestors of this breed. Because of this, the French Spaniel acquired diverse exceptional traits, such as its athleticism and beautiful appearance; it is also a reputable hunting dog, which is common to most spaniels.

The French Spaniel continued to develop over the years, which led to several revisions of its standard. Despite these constant changes, the breed continued to gain recognition in different parts of the globe. During the mid-20th century, it reached Canada; years later, dog enthusiasts introduced it to the United States.

Characteristics of the French Spaniel

Height: 21.5 – 25 inches

Weight: 50 – 60 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years

Hypoallergenic: No

A well-balanced and proportion body: these are only some of the breed’s physical features. It is a medium-sized breed that could stand up to twenty-five inches tall and weighs up to sixty pounds. It may not be as large as other big dogs, but the French Spaniel is massive enough to be a powerful hunter. Sturdiness and toughness best describe the breed, mainly because of its substantial body – ideal for performing various tasks.

In terms of its appearance, the breed is known for its elegant coat, covering its muscles. Its body is perfectly balanced, giving it an ideal look of a spaniel breed. Just looking at this breed would surely catch the attention of many dog enthusiasts.

Physical appearance and exceptional skills are only part of this breed’s greatness; it still holds several other qualities, which makes it an ideal hunting dog. Apparent from its massive body, the French Spaniel is incredibly strong. One look from this dog would definitely keep intruders at bay. Furthermore, another trait that makes it a remarkable dog is its intelligence.

The French Spaniel possesses superior intelligence that is on a whole new level. This breed’s brilliance gives it a distinction among other breeds, making it more capable of various tasks. As expected, the French Spaniel is known to be easily trained; it does not have a difficult time learning new things and is eager to train. This attitude in training is also visible in the field. The French Spaniel also has a highly devoted nature, especially towards its job. When a task is given to this dog, you could expect that it would not stop until it gets the job done.