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Reasons to put microchip to dogs and cats

Dr. Ashlee Redmond every time she talks to her clients about microchips she always sets the example of the same story. In 2007 there were fires in San Diego that destroyed more than 500,000 acres of properties and more than one million people were evacuated from their homes. Many people lost their animals or had to leave them behind.

microchip to dogs

A woman appeared in the hospital where Dr. Redmond works with a chihuahua that had appeared at the door of her home two weeks after the fires ended. She lived more than 24 kilometers away from the areas where the fires had occurred so she realized that the little chihuahua had come a long way. After being examined the dog, it was verified that it was dehydrated and very thin, besides it had burns in all the pads of its paws.

The dog was scanned and as it had a microchip the relatives of the dog could be located. Once the relatives were located they proceeded to give antibiotics and medicines to relieve the pain. After a while the relatives appeared could recover Peanut and explained that at the time the house was wrapped in flames on the day of the fire the dog hid and lost sight of it and were forced to leave behind. They explained that the feelings of guilt at having left him behind had become happiness to be able to have him again at his side.

When discussing the importance of the microchip, I like to share the story of Peanut with people who have dogs and cats. Do not allow your pet to join the loss or theft statistics. If your pet is lost, he or she can be easily identified with a microchip: As in the case of Peanut, pets can often meet with their owners within hours after a tragedy occurs. Vacations can be chaotic pets can be lost in the hustle and bustle of the city: Whether it is a home delivery order guests who open doors and do not close them or the excitement of their own vacation they can do That our animals go unnoticed before their relatives realize that they are gone.

The procedure is fast and painless: Bringing pets to put the microchip is quick and easy the chip can be inserted in any regular visit. Permanent Warranty: Unlike the labels placed on collars that are easy to remove, in case of theft microchips are impossible to take out of the animal, which makes it a safe and permanent alternative that gives you to our dogs and cats the opportunity to be able to return home.