Foods that we can give our dogs

For all those who have dogs, it is very common that when it comes to cooking or eating, let’s see the famous “little dog face” of our furry in search of our greatest weakness, which is the love we have, to feed them with something more than Not croquettes. However, that is when we get curious about what foods can be harmful to them.

This post will help you know what foods we consume will be good for them. I propose that you do not feed your dogs with the food with which we feed. Just do it when you want to give it a prize or sometimes you do not have more options, because sometimes dogs do not want to eat because they get bored of the same food. You can also check out human foods safe for dogs for more great options.

Fruits and vegetables

These foods should be consumed in moderation as the fruit contains a lot of sugar . Dogs are carnivores so fruits and vegetables should only be a supplement in their diets (15% or 20% is sufficient). 

They are a great source of vitamin A, K and C besides being good in fiber potassium and beta-carotene. They have benefits in the heart, the sight, the cleaning of the teeth and lungs. I sub canned mixed veggies for soft food and mix it with their dry. They LOVE green beans, peas, potatoes, carrots, kidney beans, chickpeas and sweet potatoes are their five.


Some veterinarians agree that it is better that this food is a form of treats or prizes for their natural sugar but we must also be careful because the excess might not be so good for our pets.


They are a good source of potassium, fiber but it is necessary to remove the seeds and not let them eat the heart.


It is important that the shell be not consumed as it can cause intestinal damage. It is good for hydration and for dogs that suffer from being overweight, as it is basically water.


It is a source of vitamin C and A and it benefits the good functioning of the organism and cleaning of the blood. It is recommended not to boil it as it loses many of its nutrients.


Good source of fiber and with large amounts of water contains antioxidants such as vitamins C and B. Reduces blood pressure and develops better intestinal health. Pumpkin It is one of the most recommended vegetables for dogs, it helps them in their digestion and in cases of constipation it is very useful to give them in small pieces.  This list contains some examples of fruits and vegetables that can benefit your pet.  But as I mentioned before, it is not necessary that your food be replaced by these foods, they simply have to be a complement or snack that can give you the necessary nutrients, since there is a possibility that you may be eating things you should not. A very clear example, which we have all seen, is when a dog eats grass.


Although dogs are carnivores, they should not necessarily base their food on meat alone. There may be several foods that can complement it such as viscera, animal fat , liver and even some types of bones.