Fashion accessory for female wardrobe – harness for women

Sexual harness leather is a trendy accessory that adds extravagance to the image, allows you to look bold and unusual, and emphasizes the figure. But it requires compliance with the rules of wearing. If you use the harness incorrectly, then it will only emphasize the flaws in the figure, the missing taste. A different placement of straps is possible – it is also taken into account when choosing a leather harness. Next, you will find out in more detail what a women’s harness is, what it should be, what to consider when wearing it. Leather lingerie appeared in the women’s wardrobe thanks to the popularization of the military-style. The accessory looks catchy and bold. It will appeal to those girls who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Depending on the design features of the harness, it can look bold, gentle, sexy, feminine. People wear it on special occasions or in everyday outfits – with a competent approach, an accessory made of thin straps will harmoniously complement even a business style.

Advantages of harness for woman

  • Favorably accentuates the waistline.
  • Highlights the upper body. This property is especially useful for girls with small breasts and narrow shoulders.
  • Focuses on the neck.
  • Makes the image bold and slightly provocative.
  • Allows you to simultaneously emphasize grace, tenderness, femininity and strength, the sexuality of the owner.

Rules for wearing best womens lingerie harness

Wearing a woman’s leather lingerie is an art. Here you need to choose the right model, correctly combine it with other clothes, not overload the image with other accessories. In terms of the figure, there are restrictions – since the belts emphasize the waist, they look beautiful on slender girls and women. Also, keep in mind that having rich decor will draw attention to the flaws in appearance. If you need to hide them, it would be better to refuse such models.
Other accessories can be used but should be approached with care. For example, garters will create a holistic look with a harness, and bracelets, beads, necklaces will look overly flashy. Choose simple clothes, without bright decor, voluminous patterns. The simpler the outfit, the more profitable the accessory will look. Shirts, blouses are optimally suited to plain colors.

Slim, tall women should choose thin belts if the figure is the medium or large size – wide. The accessory always attracts attention, so those who are not confident in themselves should not wear it. Much depends on the correct posture – slouch, sloping shoulders ruin the whole impression of the harness.
Leather sexual harnesses can be easily learned to pair with clothing. What to wear a harness with, and how to do it correctly – these are two questions that worry women’s minds. You can demonstrate impeccable taste if you adhere to several recommendations:

  • The black leather option is perhaps the most spectacular. However, you need to be especially careful with it. If you want to create a more feminine look, then it is better to look at white or beige colors.
  • The harness attracts attention. So that it does not turn out to be too much, it is better to refrain from combining jewelry with over-the-knee boots, platform shoes, mini-skirt, necklines, tight-fitting clothes, transparent outfits. Unless, of course, creating such an image is your goal.
  • To create a more harmonious look, it is worth choosing a harness that does not contrast with the color of shoes and bags.
  • Clothes made of plain fabrics without decor are the perfect background for this accessory.
  • A harness is a self-sufficient thing. You should not combine other jewelry with it, so as not to overload an already vivid image.
  • Since the item originally belonged to the men’s wardrobe, it is best to balance its belligerence with the help of feminine clothing. Due to this contrast, it will be possible to emphasize the girlish delicacy.

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