Eurasier – The Confident and Sociable Dog

Many people love dogs for their affectionate nature. They are often sweet and friendly to humans, as well as to other pets in the house. Besides this, they also possess different features, which make them unique and adorable; it is also the reason why many people are fond of the breed.

Eurasier is a breed that showcases incredible loyalty towards its family and, at the same time, smart enough to identify intruders and threats. This feature makes this dog a breed that many dog enthusiasts would surely adore; with all these said, we can say that the Eurasier is a remarkable dog that is perfect as a family companion.

In this article, we are going to look into the origins of the Eurasier, its characteristics, and best practices on how to take care of it.

Origins of the Eurasier

From the name itself, we might already have a brief idea of where this breed originated; it has European and Asian ancestors, which clearly defines its appearance. We can trace back the origins of the Eurasier to the 20th century, where a German breeder, Julius Wipfel, felt the need to create a breed that resembles his Spitz-type dog. He longed for a dog that is also smart and independent, which is capable of performing various tasks; he is also interested in looking for a soft-hearted breed that is purely for the family, one that would work best as a family companion.

Julius Wipfel began his journey of producing the breed, along with other dog enthusiasts. They followed a systematic approach in creating the breed, which resulted in Wolf-Chow puppies – a product of crossing a Chow Chow and Wolfspitz. However, it was not yet enough to produce a pure family dog; that is why they included a Samoyed in the combination to add its friendly and affectionate nature, which resulted in the family-dog: Eurasier.

Characteristics of the Eurasier

Height: 19 – 24 inches

Weight: 40 – 70 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 16 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Eurasier is a medium-sized dog that could stand up to twenty-four inches tall and weighs up to seventy pounds. Its body is covered with a thick coat that comes with various colors; its breed standard permits all coat colors except the liver, pure white, as well as irregular patches. Its coat alone shows a distinctive look of the Eurasier; it displays a remarkable resemblance to the breed’s ancestors. Besides its coat, the Eurasier also has a unique tongue, which varies from purple, pink, and spotted. It is also known for its dark face masks, as well as light masks.

Moreover, beautiful appearance is not the only asset of the Eurasier; it is also packed with various characteristics, which makes the dog special. Apparently, from its wolf ancestors, the Eurasier is a calm and confident dog. Its confidence is an essential feature, which makes it a versatile breed capable of various tasks. Its well-balanced features indeed show this dog’s greatness.

Interestingly, the Eurasier is often regarded as the ideal family dog. Its loyalty towards its family is remarkable; at the same time, it is smart enough to act reserved towards strangers. However, since this dog is bred to be a family dog, it works best along with its owners. It is not fond of living with groups, as well as tied up outside. This feature of the Eurasier shows how much it is devoted to its loved ones; with all these said, one thing is true that the Eurasier is a breed that would capture the hearts of many dog lovers.

Caring for the Eurasier

The Eurasier works best with high-quality dog food; it has an attitude of picking what to eat, which in turn makes it challenging to feed ample amounts of food. It enjoys various diets; that is why it is best to seek your local vet’s diet recommendation to make sure that your dog is consuming the proper amount of nutrients it needs. In addition to various foods, also make sure to provide fresh and clean water at all times to keep them hydrated. These practices should help keep your dog have a healthy body, as well as prevent it from health problems in the future.