English Springer Spaniel – The Obedient Sport Dog

Another breed in the group of sport dogs made its entry as one of the most popular. The English Springer Spaniel, a well-known sport dog, dominates the field as part of the most significant breeds in existence today. One reason why this dog holds an outstanding record is due to its combination of endurance, intelligence, and power. These features are what make the English Springer Spaniel a fascinating dog to own at home; that is why many dog lovers admire this breed.

If you are looking for a dog that can cope with various indoor and outdoor activities, the English Spring Spaniel is one breed you might want to consider. This dog could work as a competent hunter; on the other hand, it also works well as a valuable sport dog. With all these traits, we can say that the English Springer Spaniel is an incredible dog that is sure to bring excitement to many people.

Origins of the English Springer Spaniel

For a long time, dog breeders didn’t have a clear distinction between dogs. They often categorized dogs in a more general breed without proper classifying each. There was no systematic method of classifying dogs during this time; that is why people had problems distinguishing the breeds we know today.

We can trace back the origins of the English Springer Spaniel to hundreds of years ago in England. Ever since this period, the English Springer was already known to assist hunters in the field. They played a significant role in the hunting game, where they dominated due to their exceptional skills; these traits helped the breed quickly gain recognition in different places and earned a reputation as an effective hunting dog.

In particular, locating and retrieving game birds were the main jobs of the English Springer. Their keen instincts and enormous energy allow them to work in the field throughout the day. Hunters regard them as an excellent hunting partner, wherein this dog proves it is indeed a champion when it comes to hunting.

Over the years, the English Springer Spaniel continues to participate in various activities in England; it appeared in dog shows, wherein it was regarded as the same breed as the Welsh Springer Spaniel. Years had passed when these two distinct breeds were identified as separate dogs.

The popularity of the English Springer Spaniel was unstoppable during the early 20th century; it was introduced to North America, where it showcased its fascinating features. As expected, it didn’t take long for the English Springer Spaniel to gain recognition in these places since its features are sure to spark many people’s interests. Furthermore, these incredible traits of the English Springer were its pass to earn a job in other jobs, such as a K-9 detection dog.

Characteristics of the English Springer Spaniel

Height: 19 – 20 inches

Weight: 40 – 50 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 – 14 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized breed packed with excellent qualities. It could stand up to roughly twenty inches tall and weigh up to fifty pounds. Muscular and athletic bodies are some of its notable traits, allowing it to be outstanding on the field. Other hunting dogs are known for their large body, but the English Springer Spaniel boasts its medium-sized physique.

Moreover, the English Springer comes in a double coat with several colors and patterns. It has long, hanging ears covered with fur, which adds to this dog’s obedient nature. Its round, dark eyes express its soft side and playful nature, which is evident despite its substantial physique.

Besides power and agility, the English Springer is also known for other interesting qualities. Intelligence is another trait that best defines the English Springer; along with exceptional hunting skills, this breed boasts its superior work on the field. Whatever activity it is presented with, the English Springer is sure to be a remarkable dog. Today, dog enthusiasts employ the English Springer in various jobs, including police works; however, one of the most significant fields this dog gained a reputation for is sports. Furthermore, the English Springer is not just an overly active breed; many dog breeders admire this breed, mainly due to its overall magnificent qualities, which make it a perfect companion at the house.