English Setter –The Friendly Sport Dog

Sport dogs are quite common in some countries, mainly because of their natural ability to work on various tasks. Throughout the years, dogs participated in different sports activities around the globe.

One dog that is known for its incredible talent in sports is the English Setter. It is quite a large dog with an athletic body; this healthy figure is what allows it to be an effective sports dog. It has earned a reputation on the field over the years, and until today, the English Setter is a remarkable breed in the field of sports.

Skills are one thing, but the appearance is another thing. Besides its excellent talent on the field, the English Setter also showcases its beautiful looks covered with a thick coat. The English Setter is indeed a breed that would capture the hearts of many dog lovers.

Origins of the English Setter

We can trace back the origins of the English Setter to roughly five hundred years ago. During this time, breeders developed a new dog, which is combined with various spaniels and pointer breeds. These breeders hoped to produce a breed capable of working on the field; as expected, they created the English Setter.

The English Setter was suitable for the classic style of hunting game birds, mainly because of its calm nature; it lays down quietly when it spots a game bird. Stealth was a common feature in the hunting field, where the English Setter used to dominate. It helped hunters cast their net without startling the birds, ensnaring them. Most dogs with this ability were called setters, which explains where the English Setter derived its name.

Superior sense of smell is one of the main features of the English Setter. This trait significantly helped it work in the field, assisting hunters in locating their targets. Over the years, setters remained to play an important role in the hunting game despite the developments in styles and tools used by hunters. Because of the greatness of these dogs, it continued to widen in different places, producing several variants and developing its appearance further.

Over the years, the English Setter continued to gain recognition in different parts of the globe. The greatest breakthrough of this breed was in the 19th century, where it reached the United States, which led to a significant boost in its popularity.

Characteristics of the English Setter

Height: 23 – 27 inches

Weight: 45 – 80 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The English Setter is a medium-sized dog that could stand up to twenty-seven inches tall; it could weigh up to eighty pounds, which complements its outstanding hunting skills. Massive body is not only the primary attribute of the English Setter; breeders also regard this breed as highly athletic, which is apparent on its muscular body. Its sturdy physique clearly shows how powerful this dog is; it is packed with several traits that add up to its toughness and strength.

Beautiful appearance is a common feature for the English Setter; it has a rugged coat that is usually white in color, along with black accents. It has furry and large hanging ears display its affectionate nature; its eyes are express power, and at the same time, it showcases the breed’s gentleness.

Setters are dogs known for their incredible activeness on the field ever since hundreds of years ago. The English Setter is a breed that clearly defines the true description of a setter dog. It once dominated the field with its exceptional skills, helping hunters achieve their goals in hunting. Its keen sense of smell is one of its most significant traits, which allows it to excel in the field. It uses its superior nose to track its target, then providing the location to hunters. Years later, the powerful English Setter channeled its expertise from hunting to sports. It participated in various dog sports, and as expected, showed an outstanding performance in different activities.

Besides the fascinating work of the English Setter, another feature that makes it interesting is its joyful nature. It may be tenacious on the field, but it still proves to be incredibly affectionate and playful towards its family. The English Setter is not just a remarkable worker but also an excellent family companion.