English Foxhound – The Gentle and Powerful Hound

People used dogs for different works over the years; these creatures have proven their capabilities, which is why they continue to help humans up to our world today. Dogs come in various breeds, and each comes with a unique appearance and special skillset; some dogs dominate the field; some excels on stage, while others showcase their abilities at home.

One breed that best describes an example of a working dog is the English Foxhound. As a working dog, it showcases its robust body, as well as its determined nature: eager to work until it gets the job done.

Just looking at its body would give you the impression of power; its athletic and sleek body works best in various activities. Combined with its hardworking mindset and gentle nature, the English Foxhound is a breed that many dog lovers would surely love.

Origins of the English Foxhound

We can trace back the origins of the English Foxhound to the Middle Ages, where hunting foxes was a popular practice in Britain. During this time, people used dogs to assist them in hunting animals of various sizes, mainly foxes. Over the years, changes in the field also led to changes in the hunters’ passion. This drastic shift of interest in hunting brought the hunters to a new level; this was the start of developing a new breed that is capable of coping with the new hunting ground. As expected, this breeding resulted in the English Foxhound, which is a combination of stag-hunting hounds and Greyhound-type hounds.

The appearance and body features of the English Foxhound is still apparent until today; the might of this breed remained pure over the years, showcasing its remarkable toughness. Breed variations may be common in some dogs, but the English Foxhound proves to be a unique and pure breed throughout the years.

During the 18th century, hunting became widespread outside of Britain; it came to America, where George Washington founded the event. Hounds of various types were commonly employed to participate in this practice. Furthermore, breeders in America developed a new breed from the English Foxhound; it produced a taller and sleeker version called the American Foxhound.

Characteristics of the English Foxhound

Height: 24 inches

Weight: 60 – 75 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10 – 13 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The English Foxhound is a relatively large breed that could stand up to twenty-four inches tall and weighs up to seventy-five pounds. This breed has an athletic body perfect for various kinds of work. It stands proud with its sleek and elegant figure; its appearance shows how much this breed is suitable for the job.

Moreover, the English Foxhound’s body comes with white and brown color, sometimes with black spots; its head has a solid brown color with deep dark eyes expressing a fierce look. This dog’s hanging ears convey a warm and affectionate nature, which is evident in the breed.

In terms of its nature, affectionate, gentle, and friendly are the main traits of the English Foxhound. Despite its robust body, this dog displays a highly loving nature that would surely spark the interest of many people. Dog lovers admire this breed’s gentleness; it is calm towards its family but is smart enough to recognize a threat. Friendliness is another trait of the English Foxhound that makes it interesting. Besides its soft nature, it goes along well with humans and other dogs; it is an excellent dog in groups.

Interestingly, the English Foxhound is a scenthound that excels in tasks using its nose. Its keen sense of smell makes it an exceptional hunter, but modern jobs of this breed include police works, mainly search-and-rescue, as well as drug and bomb detection. Besides hunting and operational work, the English Foxhound also does well in many other fields, making this dog a versatile breed.

English Foxhounds possess outstanding qualities that make it shine among other breeds.  Besides its substantial appearance, the performance also proves that this dog dominates the field; its superior instincts and versatile working nature make it unique. Overall, we can say that the English Foxhound is a remarkable breed that would surely capture the hearts of many dog enthusiasts.