Drever – The Friendly and Athletic Dog

When it comes to friendliness and versatility, Drever is one of the breeds that would quickly come to mind. This dog is well-known for its highly sociable nature that goes along with most breeds, as well as humans. Its wonderful trait makes it an incredible family companion that is open for various indoor and outdoor activities. Despite its relatively small size, the Drever proves to be suitable for different jobs in the field; it has a muscular body that showcases athleticism, strength, and speed. Don’t be deceived by its adorable looks and friendly nature; this dog is powerful and smart, making it an excellent working dog.

Origins of the Drever

We can trace back the origins of the Drever to the 20th century. During this time, its German ancestor, called the Westphalian Dachsbracke, came to Sweden. It quickly sparked the interests of many dog lovers in the area because of its incredible skills on the field. Due to the abundance of deers in the place, the breed got the chance to showcase its exceptional hunting skills. However, the Dachsbracke had a wide variety of types, wherein one of them is the relatively larger breed: Drever.

Despite its German origins, the Drever was considered a Swedish breed. Interestingly, the Drever acquired most of its ancestor’s excellent traits – mainly the superior hunting skills. Deers were the popular hunting prize during the time, and the Dever was the great choice to bring on a hunt. Because of its outstanding expertise, it quickly gained a reputation as a deer tracker, as well as a hunter of other small mammals, such as hares and foxes.

The small and muscular body of the Drever was perfect for the Swedish field; it was able to adapt to the place, making it suitable for various field works. However, despite its high devotion to its family and loved ones, breeders often consider this dog an exclusive hunting hound.

Characteristics of the Drever

Height: 12 – 15 inches

Weight: 35 – 40 pounds

Life Expectancy: 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

As mentioned earlier, the Drever is a relatively small dog that could stand up to fifteen inches tall and weighs up to forty pounds. Despite its size, it has a muscular built that evidently displays power and speed. It is short-legged but more than enough to burst at an incredible speed. Its athletic body greatly showcases how this dog was often regarded as a perfect choice for hunters on the field.

The Drever has an adorable appearance, which matches its small size: it has a smooth coat all over its body, usually color brown with a white accent; its brown eyes express its loyalty and affection, as well as power; it has large hanging ears besides it tough head. Appearance alone would truly define how strong it the Drever.

Moreover, the Drever is not only powerful and agile; it is also known for its friendly and sweet nature. This muscular dog enjoys playing, whether with other dogs or its family. Similar to other hunting dogs, the Drever works great in groups making it more efficient on the field. Despite its playful character, this breed is devoted to its work; it won’t stop until it gets the job done. It is determined to please its master, which makes it highly trainable. Another interesting trait of the Drever is its even temperament; it is never aggressive, nervous, or shy – a balanced nature that makes this dog even more fascinating.

The Drever is an incredible breed to bring in various indoor and outdoor activities. However, despite its activeness on the field, breeders do not consider this dog an excellent choice to own as a house companion. Its great qualities: appearance, skill, and nature are more than enough to say that this dog is a remarkable breed.

Caring for the Drever

The Drever is a bit complicated dog to feed; you need to make sure that you provide your dog enough nutrients to keep its body healthy. The best way to ensure your dog has a proper diet is to regularly consult your local vet and seek the best food recommendations, as well as the frequency when you feed them.