Dogo Argentino – The Athletic Hunter

The significance of dog breeding became widespread for hundreds of years ago. Over the years of cross-breeding, diverse breeds came into existence; many of these breeds were a product of human interest, often needing a companion. Out of all the dogs living on our planet today, one breed is known for its highly affectionate nature, which fulfills its breeder’s desire. This breed is no other than the powerfulDogoArgentino.

DogoArgentino is a breed packed with several interesting qualities, which makes it suitable for different types of jobs. It excels in sports and works well as a guard dog, but one activity where the Dogo truly shines is hunting. This breed works best in packs, being able to take down big games on the field. Its exceptional hunting instincts earned it a solid reputation as a hunter and a working dog as a whole.

Origins of the Dogo Argentino

Apparent from its name, the DogoArgentino originated in the province of Cordoba, Argentina.We can trace back Dogo’s origins to the early 20th century; it was the creation of Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, who has a deep affection for dogs. Dr. Nores Martinez crossed various breeds with the old fighting dogs from Cordoba to produce a powerful breed. Through his hard work and dedication, he was able to achieve his goal of creating a strong and athletic dog, which is capable of accompanying him in his work.

Interestingly, Dr. Nores Martinez was not just a breeder but also a passionate hunter. Because of this, he always brought his new dog with him on hunting trips; it was the perfect time for the Dogo to showcase its exceptional skills on the field. As expected, Dr. Nores Martinez admired his breed’s expertise in the field, wherein it hunts small to large mammals; they often work in packs to take down relatively big animals.

Over the years, the breed continued to develop and adapt diverse qualities, making it versatile. Its abilities were not limited to hunting; it also dominated other fields, such as guarding, sports, and so on. Its powerful body and fearless nature are among the traits which make this dog outshine other breeds. This breed’s overwhelming characteristics were admired by many dog lovers, which helped it gain the recognition it deserves.

Characteristics of the Dogo Argentino

Height: 24 – 26.5 inches

Weight: 88 – 100 pounds

Life Expectancy: 9 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

The Dogo Argentina is a large breed that could stand up to more than twenty-six inches tall and weighs up to a hundred pounds. Its massive body allows it to be an effective hunter on the field, mostly for taking down big mammals. Furthermore, it has a muscular physique; a strong head supported with a thick neck also adds up to sturdiness. Its medium-sized legs are truly powerful, which allows it to be agile despite its size. Another incredible feature of the Dogo is its enormous energy, making it work for hours on the field without getting exhausted.

In addition to its muscular build, the DogoArgentino is known to be incredibly intelligent. Its brilliance is accompanied by alertness and devotion; a perfect combination to produce an outstanding breed. Don’t let its intimidating looks deceive you since this dog is highly devoted to its family. It is always mindful of protectingtheir loved ones and smart enough to detect threats and intruders. It is also alert when it comes to its surroundings, making this dog suitable as a guard dog.

Besides the exceptional skills presented by the DogoArgentino, there are qualities that make this dog a one-of-a-kind: affectionate and friendliness. It may be common for massive and muscular dogs to be guardians of the house, but it doesn’t mean they are not suitable to be a friend. It is where the Dogo shines the most; it is remarkably affectionate towards its family, always making sure to put a smile on their faces. They are also good with children, so they are acceptable in most households. Their friendliness is also exceptional, adding up to its energetic body, this is a breed that any dog lover would surely love. It is a perfect combination of a hunting dog, guard dog, sports dog, as well as an excellent family companion.