Dog Trainers Give Their Tips for Dog Training Long Beach

You know you want your pet to be able to mind you, as many people have them as a member of the family. There are numerous reasons why you want to train your dog for various things, from potty training, all the way to training them to sit, shake, and many other tricks. One good thing you can do by doing this is also teaching your dog obedience, which is one of the most important aspects of training your dog. In this guide, some of the best dog trainers in Long Beach (found online at have provided some excellent tips on how to train your dog.

Make Sure You Make Time

One good thing to realize is that training your pet takes time. You can’t tell it to shake, and then overnight it’s already learned how to do so. In some regards, it also means you’re not going to have a lot of distractions when you train your puppy or dog. They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in fact, you can with the right amount of training time. But if, you still have not succeed in training your dog properly then there is an exclusive service as dog trainers boulder which will train your dog an enormous amount of manners and skills that will be very helpful to you and your dog.

Another common mistake people make is that they make the training times too long. Your dogs are like little kids – they have an attention span like a fly, so they don’t learn if you don’t stop your training time every so often in order to get their mind off of their training. It’s best to usually spend about 10 minutes training your dog to do something, or do it repetitively in order for them to learn something new. You don’t need to do it every day, but there are times that you may want to do so. If your dog is an older one, try teaching previous lessons about once a week to keep their memory fresh.

Use Hunger to Your Advantage

Something you can also consider is that dogs get hungry sometimes during a training session. You can use this to your advantage so you dog can get the most out of his training and have an extra bit of encouragement and motivation for you pup. For example, when it’s your dog’s normal lunchtime, try using some treats in order to get the job done and then you can feed your dog food. You can also use this time to feed your dog food pellets which can save you some money on dog treats.


In any case, it’s important that you make sure you spend plenty of time giving your doggy other attention too. Your main thing you need to do as an owner is reward the dog for obedient behavior. Not only will this teach them to listen to your commands but will also help you to positively train your dog.

Other times, you may need to use what is called corrective behavior, but this is never meant to be harsh means, and should never be more than a shake of the scruff of the neck, which is one of the most natural ways your dog will learn things since it’s how your puppy’s mother used to correct them as an infant. Be careful when doing this to older dogs though so you don’t hurt them.