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Your dog Carlino can not carry a muzzle

A woman has denounced what happened a few days ago after banned entry to your dog breed Carlino. Your dog cannot use a muzzle because of his dog physiology and while trying to catch the metro one of the workers prevented him from access by speaking in very bad manners. Young recounted the facts on which she; her dog was completely excluded from entering by the new regulations: I passed my transport card and took my dog, Carlino, tied with his leash and without muzzle, because there are no muzzles for them.

Your dog Carlino

The woman who was working at this station at that moment looked at me and smiled at me. So I set out to make my trip with my dog. My trip is going well enough, with people approaching to pet my dog ​​and people smiling at me, something wonderful for me.

At approximately 18.30, I return to the same metro station, to be able to return to the center. With the surprise that this time I am denied access, alleging a regulation that the box office did not own and telling me that my dog ​​should go with a muzzle or in a carrier. I look for the rules in my phone she taught that what she is telling me does not put anywhere and that my dog ​​because of brachycephalic dog physiology, can not use muzzle.

The box office after a conversation understands that I have gone in Metro and that I need to return and I allow the access under my responsibility if I am fined. At 20:10 in Plaza de la Espuma, for the closest access, I am going to return home, and I am denied categorically and badly access, referring to current regulations, in which access without muzzle is not allowed.

The rule excludes dogs that because of their physiology cannot make use of the muzzle. Buy a muzzle that evidently fell on all sides, since there are no muzzles for him, I’m denied again Access, very bad manners and clean cry, which I think totally unnecessary as well as violent for me, and people who have to witness it. I cannot go back to my house because I’m denied access. In short, my dog ​​is completely excluded from being able to enter the Madrid metro according to the new regulations.